Chapter 1

Hilda strolled carefree through the streets of Castelia City, bouncing on her toes as she walked. Her long, flowing brunette hair bounced with every step, waving behind her in the breeze. The setting sun glinted in her bright blue eyes as she stopped, her hands down by her sides and her wrists cocked out, her fingers extended as she scanned the signs hanging above the parade of doors in front of her.

This was a larger city than she was used to, and Hilda felt a little self conscious as she had to read each sign carefully, unable to just recognise them as the crowds of people streaming around her could. After a few moments Hilda worked her way to the sign a few buildings down from her, with its glossy black board and white text. Hotel Chateau, it read, with Fine Accommodation written underneath in smaller lettering.

Hilda smiled as she read the sign, her hands rummaging excitedly through her bag to find her purse. Fine accommodation was just what she needed, she thought, after her long day of training. Her feet were tired and her legs aching as she pulled her purse from her bag, tilting her head down to look inside. She popped open the shiny metal clasp with her thumbs and peered inside, seeing a few rolls of notes and some dull coins staring back at her.

"Well, I hope it isn't too fine…" sighed the young trainer as she snapped her purse shut, a little too distracted to notice the older man passing behind her, turning his head to look at her denim shorts riding high at the top of her shapely legs. She bent her knees slightly and tilted her head back at the sky, pouting her pink lips. Why did I have to buy all those ultra balls earlier, she thought.

Hilda walked the small distance to the front of the hotel, the sign hanging over her head as she looked into the window. She could barely see through the white net curtains hanging in the windows either side of the door, making out a reception desk and a staircase rising behind it. Light from inside glistened on the floor between the door and the desk, and squinting through the curtains Hilda could tell the hotel went back a lot further than it looked.

She steeled herself, ready to find out just how much a room here would cost. Holding her small purse in her left hand, she reached for the door handle with her right, pulling it down and pushing slowly as a little bell rang above the door, alerting the well dressed blonde lady on the desk as Hilda entered. There was one other person inside, a handsome looking man in his late 30s, far to the left and facing the desk. From the looks of his outfit, thought Hilda, he must be the manager.

Looking down at the floor for a brief moment to compose herself, Hilda put away her purse in her bag. She took a deep breath as she pulled her bag strap tight against her body, trying to look a little smarter before she walked to the desk, inadvertently pulling her shirt a little tighter over her pert, round chest. Hilda straightened the pink brim of her cap and cleared her throat quietly as she strode up to the clean, tidy desk, her boots tapping on the marble floor as she walked.

"Hello, my name is Jessica. How may I help you, miss?" smiled the well dressed blonde girl behind the counter, looking up into Hilda's bright blue eyes. Her hair was tied back tightly in a ponytail and she reached up to brush a few strands of hair from her face. The manager looked the young trainer up and down slowly outside of her field of view, taking in the sight of her thighs meeting her perky rear, his eyes then running over her hips and up her midriff. His gaze fixated on the young trainer's chest for a few moments, before slowly moving up to her lips.

"I'd like a room for the night, please!" smiled Hilda right back, bracing herself to see the no doubt exorbitant prices for the rooms. She leant forward against the counter on her forearms, her hands together as she stroked the back of her left hand with her right thumb. She waited for a few moments as the girl behind the counter nodded and picked up a piece of paper, sliding it towards Hilda on the counter.

Hilda looked down at the list of prices, having to bite her tongue as she tried to find the smallest number on the page. She traced down the rows of room names and prices until she found the cheapest room, and it was still more than all the money she had in her purse combined. Her heart sank a little as she placed her little finger on the page, pushing slowly as she slid it back across the counter to Jessica. The slightly older blonde cast a glance to her left to meet the eyes of the manager, who's hand had not so subtly moved into his pocket, clearly enjoying the sight of Hilda.

Noticing Jessica's eyes fixed on his, the manager pulled his gaze away from Hilda's curvy form, looked back and nodded.

"Is something the matter, miss?" smiled Jessica, cocking her head to the side inquisitively. She leaned forward slightly in her seat, pushing her heels off the ground. Hilda sighed quietly, closing her eyes briefly as she prepared to confess she didn't have enough money to stay for the night. She could always have gone somewhere cheaper, she thought, but that wasn't the point. She pictured herself slinking out of the hotel, embarrassed as the staff make small talk about the silly trainer without enough money.

"It's just… I don't, um…" mumbled Hilda, opening her eyes and pursing her lips slightly as she looked down at the paper. She was sure Jessica had already figured out what the problem was as she saw the tips of the receptionist's fingers pull the page back towards herself.

"Oh, don't worry Miss. We have a special room available for travelling Pokemon trainers under special circumstances. Free of charge." smiled Jessica, placing emphasis on 'free'. Her left hand cupped her right as she waited to see Hilda's reaction. She didn't have to wait long as the perky trainer let out a quiet gasp, tilting her head up to look into Jessica's green eyes as she struggled to figure out what to say next.

"We know how tough it can be as a travelling trainer, Miss. All I'll need to know is your name, and our special room is yours for the night." explained Jessica. A smile spread quickly across Hilda's face, her pearly white teeth showing slightly as she bounced up on her toes. She was so relieved not to be embarrassed, and a free night at such a fancy place wasn't bad at all, she thought.

"T-thank you so much! I'm Hilda!" beamed the young trainer, unable to believe her luck. She'd heard of trainers being allowed to stay overnight in Pokemon centres before, but never for free in a posh hotel. Maybe someone famous, she thought, but not a normal trainer like her. Jessica nodded as she produced another form, this one comprising of multiple stapled pages of tiny text. In her other hand she held a pen, placing it down to the side of the page on the counter. Her forefinger rested above a blank line at the bottom of the first page as she looked up at Hilda once more.

"If you would please sign here, Miss, the room will be yours." Jessica held her finger above the blank line that Hilda was intended to sign as she glanced over to where the manager was standing moments ago, seeing only blank space. Hilda picked the pen up from the desk, and was a little surprised at it's weight. She quickly scribbled her name along the line in her curly handwriting, the thick black ink sinking into the page as she set the pen back down on the counter.

"Should I sign here too?" asked Hilda, pointing to the public guestbook sitting across the counter.

"That won't be necessary, thank you Miss. Please come this way." Jessica quickly filed the signed form away in a drawer behind the counter. She stood up, straightening her clothes before looking to Hilda with a smile. She began to walk along the glistening marble floor, the heels of her shoes clicking with each step as Hilda followed behind, clenching her fists in excitement. After a few moments they came to a thick wooden door with a polished brass handle, set a few metres away from it's closest neighbour.

"Here you are, Miss. Please have a pleasant evening and let me know if I can be of assistance." Hilda stared at the door for a few moments as Jessica spoke, bowed slightly and began to walk away, leaving her new guest to her own devices. She suddenly remembered she hadn't thanked the kind blonde, and ran the few steps to catch up with her.

"Thank you so much for letting me stay here!" beamed Hilda, her hands clasped together under her chin as she bounced up and down, bending at the knees in excitement as her hair bobbed. Jessica turned around, a little taller than Hilda and with her hands together in front at her waist, smiling at the bouncing brunette.

"Oh no Miss, thank you." said Jessica with a wink. She turned and walked back to the reception counter, leaving Hilda to rush back to her room to get some welcome rest. As Jessica returned to the counter, she pulled out the form Hilda had signed, her finger tracing along the tiny letters. She folded over the first page, and her finger stopped half way down the second. She smiled as she read the typed words, her finger running underneath each one as she did so.

'Any items or persons left in the room after the time of checkout become the sole property of Hotel Chateau. The agreed time of checkout for the room is midnight. By signing on the first page of this document, the guest agrees to be bound by these terms.'

Hilda pushed against the heavy wooden door as it opened slowly, revealing the spotless four poster bed covered in soft, frilly white sheets. The pillows looked like she could sink into them, lined up against the headboard. Looking around the room she saw a chandelier above the bed, glimmering as the bright light filled the room. She saw a makeup table with a mirror and a large wardrobe on the other side of the room from the bed, both made from the same thick wood as the door and immaculately clean.

She clasped her hands together tightly under her chin, her lips spread in a big grin across her face. The room was gorgeous, and best of all it was free, she thought, as she walked over to the makeup table. She pulled her pink bag from her shoulder and set it down gently on the table before turning to the bed. She reached up with her left hand, pushing the brim of her pink and white cap up until it left her head. Hilda pulled the cap back slowly, taking care not to tug on her hair as it flowed through the hole in the back of the cap.

"Aah…" exhaled Hilda, closing her eyes as she pulled her cap from the last of her hair, putting it down on top of her bag. It had been a long day, and her cap was always a little tight to hold her hair in place how she liked it. She breathed out again and opened her eyes, smiling again when she saw the big, soft looking bed in front of her.

Hilda walked over to the right side of the bed, her silky brown hair drifting behind her. She sat on the edge of the mattress, her round little ass cheeks sinking slowly into the bed. It was so comfortable. When I'm a world famous trainer, she thought, I'm going to stay here all the time. Why would you ever want to leave?

She reached down to her left foot, raising it a bit so she could reach. Hilda pulled apart the knot at the top of her boot lace, running her finger between the intertwined laces to loosen them before kicking her boot off, landing on it's side on the floor. The young trainer quickly repeated this for her right boot, landing to the side of her left. Hilda slid her fingers smoothly down her calves, her fingertips finding their way underneath the tops of her black socks. With both hands in unison she pushed down towards the floor, leaving her socks hanging on limply to the ends of her toes. With a slight wiggle, they fell off, hitting the floor underneath her feet.

Still smiling to herself about having landed such a nice room for free, she slipped one arm out of her thin black waistcoat, followed by the other as it fell to the bed behind her. She reached back with her right hand and brought the garment to her front, dropping it to the floor in a pile with her socks and boots. She shook her head side to side a little, just to feel her hair wave. She liked how her cap looked, she thought, but it could make her hair look a little flat at the end of the day.

Hilda put her hands on the bed behind her, pulling herself backwards on to it. She crawled up to the top of the bed, laying one of the plump pillows flat on the sheets. She didn't like to show it, but after a hard day's battling she was so tired, and today was no exception. Hilda couldn't wait to get to sleep. She looked around for a light switch, quickly finding one in arm's reach at the bed side. She lay down on her back, sinking slowly again into the soft mattress, her head resting on the expertly fluffed pillow as she reached over, flicking the switch with her right hand. The lights went out, casting the young trainer into darkness as she drifted off into a deep sleep.

Later in the evening, a quiet chime emanated from the clock above the inside of the door of Hotel Chateau, prompting Jessica to look up. She put down her pen, stood up, and looked once more at the clock face.

"Midnight. Perfect." said Jessica with a grin.

Jessica slowly walked along the cold marble floor up to the door behind which lay Hilda, sound asleep. She had removed her shoes to make sure that their heels wouldn't click against the floor as she walked, and was carefully prepared for what was about to come. In her back pocket was a thick, soft white cloth, and next to it was a small bottle of liquid. Jessica had learnt some time ago that stun spore from a grass-type Pokemon mixed with the right concentration of water could create a very effective immobilising effect on a person, were they forced to breathe enough of it in. It didn't last very long, usually about 10 minutes, but that was enough, thought the blonde.

A few steps away from Hilda's door, Jessica took a deep breath to calm herself down. She was a professional, after all, she thought to herself as her finger ran across the top of the door handle. She flicked her fingertip against her thumb as if brushing off a thin layer of dust. Inside, Hilda was still sleeping soundly, completely unaware of anything outside. The sneaky receptionist flicked a light switch behind her, cutting all the lights in the hallway.

Jessica slowly and smoothly depressed the handle, taking care to soften the clicks from the door mechanism as it opened. With the handle all the way down, she gently pushed against the door, practically invisible in the darkness as it gradually opened. The devious blonde slipped sideways through the gap before near silently shutting the door behind her.

Looking over at the large bed, she could make out the outline of Hilda's body, her chest rising and falling softly. Bingo, thought Jessica, steadily making her way on her tip toes across the floor. She felt her foot meet something soft and stopped suddenly, looking down. Much to her relief, it was Hilda's socks, not a Pokemon guarding her. Letting out a sigh of relief inside, Jessica couldn't help but grumble a little to herself about such a messy guest.

Now within arm's reach of the pretty young trainer, Jessica looked up towards the top of the bed to Hilda's sleeping face. She wondered briefly whether the younger girl was dreaming, her face motionless as she slept. Carefully pulling her left leg on to the side of the bed, Jessica shifted her weight, lifting the rest of her body up. She knew she had to act fast to avoid waking up the brunette next to her, bringing up her other leg onto the bed so she could move her left to the other side of Hilda. Phew, she thought. That could have been close.

Now she was almost mounting the curvy trainer, her midriff between Jessica's legs as she carefully reacher to her back pocket, pulling out the small bottle and cloth. This would be a difficult position to explain if she woke up, thought the blonde as she poured some of the liquid gently onto the thick cloth. It instantly began soaking in to the fabric and Jessica could smell the familiar scent wafting upwards.

Jessica took a deep breath, exhaling slowly once more. She held the cloth in her right hand and looked down at the shapely young girl beneath her, completely unaware of what was about to happen next.

With the thick cloth gripped in her right hand, Jessica slowly lowered it down towards Hilda's nose and mouth. A few inches away, she saw the trainer's nose wrinkle a little, most likely from the unfamiliar smell. Sensing there was no time like the present, Jessica pressed the cloth on to Hilda's nose and mouth as hard as she could, and with her free hand, held the back of her head still. After a few seconds, Hilda's eyes shot open, panicked at the feeling of something pressing over her face in the dark. She screamed into the cloth, her hands grasped at Jessica's, pushing weakly against them as the liquid was already starting to take effect.

"MMNPPHMN! Nmmhff…" squealed Hilda, her resistance already becoming enfeebled by the second as she breathed in more and more of the stun spore solution. Her hands grasped Jessica's wrists weakly, eventually becoming still as her attempts at calling for help became quieter and quieter. The helpless young girl realised she couldn't move her muscles by herself any more, no matter how she tried. She could still breathe and blink, but that was it. She could feel that her jaw wouldn't open, even if the cloth weren't pressed over it. She began to panic inside, her eyes darting around the darkness trying to find a familiar face.

They soon found one. After a few moments of Hilda becoming still, Jessica pulled the cloth away from her face slowly, placing it on the bed next to her. She reached over to the bedside, Hilda's limp arms falling away from hers as she did so, and flicked the light switch. The room was once again bathed in bright light, giving Hilda a perfect view of her attacker.

"Good evening, Hilda." said Jessica with a grin, leaning in close to the helpless girl's motionless face. She could see the young trainer's bright blue eyes fixated on her own, and immediately set about pulling Hilda's arms out to her sides. She very much enjoyed Hilda's quiet incomprehensible mumbles as she did so, and took the opportunity to stroke the helpless trainer's smooth, milky skin as she pulled her arms straight.

"Let me just get you properly posed, and I'll explain." said Jessica, turning around to stretch out Hilda's legs. She ran her hand smoothly across every curve on the brunette's legs from her thighs to her ankles, breaking only to turn and smile to the helpless trainer. She pulled both legs out straight and spread them before turning back around to face Hilda.

A thousand things were racing through Hilda's mind as her eyes fixed on Jessica. Why can't I move, why was she doing this, what was she going to do? These questions raced through her mind as she felt every touch from the older blonde, tingling as her fingertips caressed Hilda's shapely legs.

"You see, our guests here expect a certain level of service. Service that can only be provided by pretty little things like you, dear Hilda." Jessica smiled down at the beautiful pair of eyes looking back at her as she twirled some of Hilda's silky brown hair between her fingers.

"We have a little difficulty recruiting new staff at times, you see. But luckily, a promise of a free room is all some girls need to blindly sign themselves over to us." grinned Jessica, her free hand lightly rubbing its thumb on Hilda's chin. Hilda couldn't believe what she was hearing and tried to think back to earlier on in the night. Suddenly, it hit her. The form she signed. Oh no.

"Thanks to the contract you blindly signed earlier, my Hilda, we own you now. You're our property, and as such you're going to be working for us here at the hotel for a while." said Jessica with a smirk. Hilda tried to shake her head, but her neck wouldn't move. She tried with all her might to move her fingers, but to no avail. She was truly helpless, and she knew it.

"Don't worry, none of your friends will hear about it. In fact, there's no official record of you checking in at all…" Hilda's mind raced again as she heard Jessica speak. The guestbook. She remembered earlier in the evening, when the receptionist told her not to sign it. Damn it, thought Hilda. She was in big trouble.

"And with a body like this, I wouldn't count on leaving very soon. I'm sure you're going to be very popular with our guests." Jessica giggled as she looked over Hilda's perky breasts, her tight midriff and her gorgeous features. She wrinkled her nose a little as she looked down towards Hilda's shorts, riding her up her thighs as always.

"Our maids need to be dressed finer than a pair of hot pants, I'm afraid…" sneered the blonde receptionist as she slowly produced a blunt-tipped pair of scissors from her pocket, holding them near Hilda's midriff. The young trainer's mind raced. What did she mean? How long am I going to have to stay here? What are they going to make me do? How can I get out of here? Once again she tried as hard as she could to form a fist, but she was completely powerless. Her heart sank a little, but she knew she couldn't give up.

"Let's get started with your shirt first…" said Jessica, holding the bottom of Hilda's tight white top between the blades of her scissors. She pulled the shirt tight and smoothly pushed the scissors against it, easily cutting the shirt in half up to the bottom of Hilda's round breasts.

Hilda's breathing was a little frantic. She closed her eyes and tried her best to breathe slowly in and out, having only moderate success. She looked down to see the scissors making their way between her breasts, quickly ending up at the top of her shirt. With a short snip, the shirt fell completely open, exposing her heaving chest now covered only by a pink bra. Hilda's face flushed red as Jessica giggled.

Jessica quickly snipped the shoulder straps of the ruined white top, proceeding to pull it from underneath Hilda and drop the remains on the floor. Before the helpless trainer even had time to think, the ruthless blonde reached under her again, deftly unhooking her bra clasp and cutting the shoulder straps for that as well. A few moments later, it joined Hilda's top on the floor, leaving her soft, quivering breasts completely exposed.

"…mmhnhunh…" Hilda tried to scream, but as her jaw and tongue wouldn't move and her breathing was considerably more shallow than it had been a moment or two ago, she could only muster a pathetic quiet moan. Her breathing quickened as Jessica looked down at her heaving breasts, rising and falling with each breath.

"By the way, I won't be calling you 'Miss' from now on. What with your new position, I think 'Bitch' is more appropriate." grinned Jessica, her thumb rubbing gently on Hilda's left nipple. This sent tingles through the young trainer's body as she wondered just what her 'new position' was supposed to be.

"I've got a long time to play with you, but right now I should get finished. We wouldn't want you recovering and running away before I'm done, now would we?" Jessica slid her fingers inside Hilda's shorts, making sure to squeeze her curvaceous ass cheek as she did so. She pulled the shorts down Hilda's legs with both hands, exposing Hilda's pink Pokeball-pattern panties with the young trainer helpless to stop her. Once again Hilda tried her hardest to move her hand, and this time felt a twinge in her little finger. It was wearing off.

Jessica shuffled back on the bed to finish pulling Hilda's shorts off of her body, pleased at getting rid of such a low class garment. Like the rest, she dropped them over the side of the bed, landing on the floor with a soft impact. She turned back to Hilda, snipping her scissors in the air a few times with a grin. They both knew what was coming next.

Hilda looked down as Jessica crept forward, her hands running up the brunette's legs as she got closer to the younger girl's desirable hips. Jessica slipped her finger under one side of the soft pink panties, and pausing for a moment only to look up at her captive and blow a joking kiss, quickly cut through the thin fabric on both sides. She pinched the top of Hilda's panties between her thumb and forefinger, slowly pulling it down.

Hilda would've given anything to be able to move at this moment as her most intimate area was put on display, her captor even audibly sniffing the air around it. She could feel her face flushed a near crimson red, completely and utterly embarrassed as her shaven sex was revealed. A bead of Hilda's juice glistened briefly as it was caught by the bright light of the room, forming a thin trail to the ruined pair of panties that had covered it until a moment ago.

"My my, you are going to be a popular one, my little bitch." grinned Jessica, pulling the helpless Hilda's ruined panties from underneath her soft, round ass, and giving them another sniff before dropping them to the floor. Hilda lay completely naked, her clothes ruined on the floor and hopelessly humiliated. She tried again. A twinge in her little finger and forefinger this time.

"Let me just get you measured for your new uniform, little bitch…" Jessica trailed off as she felt through her pockets for a moment before producing a thin tape measure. She quickly set about measuring around Hilda's hips, making sure to run her finger between the helpless girl's ass cheeks and taking much enjoyment from the involuntary spasm as she got a little too close to Hilda's tight asshole.

Making a mental note, Jessica moved on to her midriff, with each measurement lifting Hilda partly off the bed. Two down, one to go, thought the perverted blonde as she wrapped the tape tightly around Hilda's soft, round breasts. Hilda knew she was pulling the tape tight because whatever she was going to be made to wear would be tight and no doubt revealing, and she was dreading it.

"All done. See, that wasn't too bad, was it? I mean, you'd have said something if it was, right…?" winked Jessica as she folded the tape back up, pushing it into her pocket. She slid her legs off the bed and she bent over, taking her eyes off of Hilda as she looked for something under the large bed. Hilda tried harder than ever before to move, and she could feel it might be her last chance. With all of her will she managed to flick her wrist up limply. I can't give up, she thought., as Jessica returned to the bed with something in her hand.

"Don't worry, it'll wear off soon, little bitch. The only problem for you is, you're going to be thoroughly bound before then." said Jessica with a smirk, holding up a drawstring bag, from which she produced a hand crafted leather arm binder. It was made up of two wrist cuffs, one above the other, with a leather flap that was wrapped over them. Both of the wrist cuffs had a key, and the leather flap featured a small padlock. Hilda gulped as she saw Jessica holding it up, and desperately tried to move her hand again. A few more fingers twitched in to life.

Jessica saw Hilda's hand move out of the corner of her eye and smiled. She reached forward, grabbing the younger girl by her shoulders and pulling her forward herself, into a sitting position. She quickly pulled Hilda's left hand behind her back, twisting it into place as it's wrist found a new home inside the top cuff. Hilda cursed with frustration inside. The one hand she'd made any progress on was caught. She could feel some control returning to her feet and quickly spreading up her legs, and it felt like the first time in forever she'd been able to wiggle her toes. How long would it take Jessica to fit her other wrist inside?

The dominant blonde reached for Hilda's other arm, it's fingers also beginning to twitch. Jessica knew she was running out of time as she roughly pulled the brunette's arm behind her back, twisting her wrist once more to angle it into the cuff. As she pulled Hilda's hand closer and closer to the empty cuff, she felt her fingers moving. She pushed Hilda's hand through the cuff as quickly as she could and tightened the lock in a swift, well practiced motion. Both of Hilda's hands flailed and grasped for something, anything, both locked tightly behind her back.

Hilda's heart sunk and she cursed inside again. She was well and truly caught. She could feel some power returning to her arms and upper body as well as her thighs, her arms tugging against the cuffs holding her wrists to no avail. She could feel Jessica pulling the leather flap over her struggling hands, followed by the click of the padlock. Hilda was helplessly caught, let alone stripped naked, and she knew it.

"Now, a few last finishing touches…" smiled Jessica, obviously pleased with herself and her timing. As she rummaged through the bag, Hilda strained again against the arm binder, but it wouldn't budge. With the leather flap covering her hands, she couldn't even grasp for something to hold on to, her hands fumbling uselessly against the leather. She twisted her back from side to side, which only made her chest bounce left and right. Nothing she tried seemed to push the arm binder apart at all. Hilda sighed, but then a thought came to her. Since she could move the rest of her body, she could probably move her jaw again.

"LET ME G-MMUMPHM!?" shouted Hilda, her last line of defence interrupted by a hand grabbing the back of her head as another forced a large, black rubber ball gag against her lips. Unfortunately for Hilda, as she was about to pronounce 'Go' her mouth was wide open, the thick rubber ball being jammed halfway into her mouth already before she could even reach. Jessica's slender fingers pressed hard on the ball, gradually forcing Hilda's mouth open wider and wider no matter how she resisted.

"…nnnmmhn…" Hilda clenched her jaw as hard as she could, her eyes shut as she tried to focus, but she could feel that her gag was going in her mouth, whether she wanted to or not. After a few more moments, the rubber ball was forced between Hilda's teeth, filling her mouth. She tried her hardest to push it out with her tongue, but it was no use. There was only one person who could take it out, and she was the one currently tightening the straps around the back of Hilda's helpless head, a trail of drool already escaping over her bottom lip as it ran down her neck. She caught a little of Hilda's long brown hair under the strap fastened tightly around her head, but that was the least of her worries.

Hilda looked up pleadingly at Jessica, her eyebrows arched and a quiet whimper seeping out from behind her gag, mixed in with the drool. She finally felt beaten, for now at least. Jessica smirked down at her helpless captive, and held one last item from the bag up to her face. A thin black collar with a few feet of leash attached, like ones that might be fitted to a young Growlithe. Hilda cringed. Early today she had been a rising star of a trainer, battling all comers. And yet here she was, bound, ballgagged, drooling and helpless, about to be collared and led around on a leash, apparently to become a maid at some perverted hotel.

Jessica fastened the collar around Hilda's neck, tightening it just enough to make it uncomfortable for the captive ex-trainer. She ran her fingers through the brunette's long, flowing hair before stepping off the bed. She gave the leash a light tug, prompting a squeak of discomfort from the other end of it. Hilda shuffled to the end of the bed, gingerly hanging her feet off the end before another tug on the leash convinced her to stand on the floor in front of Jessica.

"Come on, little bitch. You'll sleep in my room tonight, and tomorrow we'll start your training. Aren't you excited?" grinned Jessica, one hand on the leash and the other finding it's way to Hilda's hip, lightly squeezing her ass cheek.

"Mhmmnph…" Hilda looked down at the floor, at the pile of ruined clothes that had been cut off her shortly before. She looked solemnly back up at Jessica, knowing better at this point to resist her fondling too much. Hilda let out a quiet, subdued groan, wondering what was to come tomorrow at the hands of her new owner.