Chapter 2

"I guess this is one battle you just couldn't win, huh? Aren't Pokemon supposed to get caught, not their trainers?" said Jessica playfully with a grin. She drew her hand away from Hilda's ass, following up with a swift smack to the same cheek. Jessica turned her back to her captive, tugging sharply on the leash attached to the collar tightly fastened around Hilda's neck. The subdued brunette squeaked quietly into her gag and stumbled forward a couple of steps, not used to being led as her ass tingled from the smack.

As her head jerked forward, the trail of drool flowing down her chin and neck slid down further, trickling between her helplessly exposed breasts. She could feel the warm liquid running down her body, and knew there wasn't anything she could do to stop it. As if this wasn't embarrassing enough already, she thought.

"Mmhpnh!" Hilda squeaked as she straightened herself up again, trying to keep her balance as she went up on her tip toes to avoid her strewn clothes, following after the older girl. The leash was pretty short, only a few feet, so she had to keep up with the blonde in front of her or she'd end up flat on her face. And I'm sure she'd love that, thought Hilda.

She caught up with Jessica quickly, standing behind her as her captor reached for the door handle. Jessica reached out, grasping the handle slowly with her free hand as she turned her head to her left shoulder, catching a view of Hilda in her peripheral vision. She smiled at the sight of the helpless younger girl's curvy body, waiting a few seconds to catch Hilda's eye.

"By the way, my little bitch. Do try not to drool too much on the floor, you'll only have to clean it up later." said Jessica with a mischievous wink, her head turning back towards her front as she pulled the door open. Hilda looked down to the floor between her legs and saw a small puddle of her own drool forming on the hard floor, spreading slowly outward. She tilted her head back, closed her eyes and let out another quiet, low moan into her gag. How could this get any worse, she thought.

Keeping a firm grip on the leash, Jessica stepped out into the hallway softly, pulling Hilda behind her. She flicked the hallway lights back on as the captured ex-trainer stepped after her as best she could, tilting her head back down and careful to avoid slipping in the warm, clear drool that was slowly trailing down her body and onto the floor. How can I get out of this mess, she thought, as she was led briskly down the hallway a short distance to a door marked 'Employees Only'. Jessica stopped suddenly, turning to Hilda as both girls looked into each other's eyes.

"Now, my little bitch, I'm being quite gracious letting you stay in my room. You could just as easily be put in the storage cupboard overnight, you know…" grinned the dominant blonde, pulling Hilda closer and placing her free hand's forefinger on the underside of the brunette's drool-slick chin. Hilda stared back into the older girl's eyes, knowing she meant what she said.

"But where would be the fun in that?" said Jessica, softly stroking the underside of Hilda's chin with her finger. The captive brunette quivered a little, trying to keep still as the finger tickled her sensitive skin. Jessica's hand brushed its fingertips slowly down her new toy's neck, spreading a trail of her drool where it hadn't been before.

Smiling broadly, Jessica slowly drew her hand away, wiping the last of the liquid across Hilda's shoulder. She turned back to face the door, slipping a small silver key into the lock and twisting it briskly as the mechanism clicked open. Returning it to her pocket and then grasping the polished handle, she paused for a moment before pushing it down, still facing the door.

"Oh, and do try not to wake up any of our guests. Otherwise, you'll most certainly have to apologise to them in the morning." said Jessica offhandedly, pushing the handle down smoothly and taking a step inside. Hilda gulped as she stepped inside. The same bright lights as before filled this room, and it looked identical to the one Hilda had slept in for a short time, her eyes fixed on the big, soft bed against the wall.

As she took a couple of steps inside, Jessica closed the door quietly behind her. She felt the blonde's hand return to her round, perky left ass cheek, it's thin fingers spread wide open before they slowly gripped the younger girl's soft, milky flesh. Hilda groaned as quietly as she could into her gag, prompting a little more drool to bubble out from inside her mouth and land on the floor between her legs as it dripped from her chin, unable to follow the rest down her neck. She knew Jessica had seen it, and gulped softly once more as she felt the fingers squeeze her ass tighter.

"Oh dear, little bitch. I let you sleep in my own room of all places, and you spit all over my nice clean floor?" half-whispered Jessica, biting her lower lip with a devious glint in her eye. She slid her hand quickly across Hilda's abused ass to reach the gap between them, running the side of her forefinger slowly against Hilda's ass crack, gradually pushing between Hilda's soft, round cheeks.

"Nnhhff! Nhh…" squealed Hilda in desperation, shaking her head as best she could without spilling anything more onto the floor. She tried to clench her ass cheeks together as best she could, turning her head to look at Jessica over her left shoulder, her eyebrows arched up in a pleading expression. Her bright blue eyes glistened under the light, desperate to catch Jessica's.

"You don't quite get it yet, do you bitch?" snapped Jessica, her tone sharper than before. She pushed her finger harder against Hilda's clenched muscles, and after a few moments felt the side of her fingertip press against her squealing captive's tight asshole.

"We own you now. You're mine. Know what that means, bitch?" Jessica said sharply as she let the leash fall from her fingers, dangling limply between Hilda's heaving breasts, her breathing quick and frantic. Jessica roughly grabbed Hilda's cheeks, her thumb pressing against her left and the rest of her fingers against her right as she pulled her head around to the left a little more, most uncomfortably for Hilda. The helpless captive's lips were forced out by Jessica's grasp, letting even more clear, warm drool flow out over her bottom lip and down her body to the floor. Hilda didn't try to answer as she was sure Jessica would let her know very soon.

"Your ass is mine, your mouth is mine, and that wet little slit down there is mine too, bitch." snarled the taller blonde, her finger pushing harder straight against Hilda's clenched quivering asshole. Unable to shake her head, Hilda tried to tell her she was wrong, that she wasn't her property, that she couldn't do this to her, but all that came out past her thick gag was incoherent mumbling.

"And that means I can do whatever I want with it. Understand, bitch?" Jessica made sure to emphasise the last word as she spoke, looking into Hilda's pleading eyes as her finger finally parted open her toy's tight rear entrance. Jessica's smooth fingertip slipped inside Hilda, no matter how much she didn't want it to. Hilda squealed loudly, her eyes wider than ever. Tears formed in their corners as she begged with the blonde behind her, feeling more of the slender finger disappear inside her defenceless asshole, stretching her inside with every little push.

"I said, understand, BITCH?" Jessica raised her voice on her last word, and she didn't have to wait long for her answer. Hilda nodded frantically, the beginning of tears building in her eyes as she let out a whimpering moan at the unwelcome intruder in her rear. Her ass clenched tightly around Jessica's finger as she closed her eyes, whimpering quietly.

"Good. Was that really so hard, little bitch?" teased Hilda's new owner as she slowly pulled her finger from the helpless brunette's tight rear entrance, making sure to wait a few moments before removing her fingertip, even slower than before. She was getting far too much enjoyment from Hilda's much improved attitude and frantic breathing to have it be over too quickly, of course.

"Nmmhpmm…" Hilda shook her head weakly, Jessica's hand turning slightly as she did so. She felt the older girl's thin fingertip finally leave her asshole and exhaled with relief, her lips quivering as she drew her next breath, trying to calm down. Hilda kept looking into Jessica's green eyes fixed on hers as the blonde's hand caressed up her back, her smooth skin tingling as it went.

Jessica pushed Hilda's head away, forcing her to look to her front once more. Hilda tried to move her cheeks a little to try and relieve the pain from Jessica's grip, but the ballgag filling her mouth made this more difficult than it would have otherwise been. She hung her head, looking at the floor and the puddle of her own warm drool on the floor between her feet. She sighed in submission, knowing Jessica was firmly in charge of her body and there wasn't a thing she could do about it. Hilda's eye caught a glint of another liquid running down her right thigh, about to mix with the small puddle on the floor. Jessica stood in front of Hilda as the curvy captive waited. She knew Jessica had seen it too.

"Lots of people would pay to have curves like you, you know…" smiled Jessica knowingly, her hand tracing circles with its fingertips lightly across Hilda's flat, toned stomach. She paused to listen to the quiet whimpers from behind Hilda's gag, well aware of the warm spot growing around her own entrance as well as that of her new toy.

"And tomorrow I think you're going to find out just how much, bitch. And you like that, don't you, my wet little bitch?" teased Jessica, her palm flat on Hilda's stomach with her fingers pointing towards the floor as she smoothly moved her hand down her whimpering slave's body, stopping as the tip of her middle finger lay above Hilda's wet entrance. Hilda's hips quivered slightly as she steadied herself, knowing she didn't want a repeat of what happened a few moments ago. Anything but that.

"Mmnhm Hmmn…" nodded Hilda in submission, desperate to avoid anything else being forced inside her helpless molested ass. She stared down at Jessica's probing hand as the older girl smiled, her hand sliding even further down Hilda's body. Hilda squealed as quietly as she could as Jessica's fingertip began to run across her dripping wet slit, its lips opening gradually as she braced herself. The tingling feeling from Jessica's finger rubbing on her sex was already intense, causing Hilda to moan softly into her gag, her hips gyrating a little towards the intruding finger.

"I think this is just the right line of work for you, my little bitch. Your body always gives you away…" grinned the blonde as her finger pressed the tiniest bit harder against Hilda's soaking wet slit. The young brunette moaned softly, unable to think about much else as this intense feeling of pleasure flowed through her.

Jessica stopped suddenly, her finger paused halfway down Hilda's slick wet entrance and close to pushing inside. With her free hand, she placed a finger on the underside of Hilda's chin and pushed up lightly. The younger girl tilted her head up to face forward, meeting Jessica's green eyes once more.

"But it'll have to wait for a while. After your little display of rudeness earlier…" Jessica slowly pulled her finger away from Hilda's most secret area, taking great pleasure in the surprise and pleading disappointment in her captive's eyes as her hand traced back up her smooth stomach.

"You're going to be on morning service tomorrow, my wet little bitch. Your uniform won't be quite ready, but I don't think anyone will mind." winked Jessica as she brought her wet finger up to Hilda's stuffed mouth, before slowly smearing her own juice across the curvaceous ex-trainer's soft pink lips. Keen not to offend her owner, Hilda paused for a moment and mumbled 'thank you' meekly from behind her gag. Jessica grinned.

"If you're good, I'll continue with your desperate little pussy down there. And if you're bad, I'm sure you can guess, bitch. Either way, your pretty mouth is going to get some use." Her left hand slinked down Hilda's hip, cupping her ass cheek tightly, her slim fingers digging in to Hilda's sensitive milky flesh. Hilda nodded obediently, not just out of fear of her ass being used again, but also in hopes of Jessica returning to her entrance. She wanted nothing more than to rub her thighs together and beg the blonde to continue, but she thought it better not to at this moment, her captor's hand so close again to her helpless asshole.

A smile broadened across Jessica's face, her tongue slipping out to lick her lips as she pulled her hand away from Hilda's gorgeous body. At last, she thought. The curvy little bitch had learned some manners.

"Now, get to bed. We've got a long day for you tomorrow, my obedient little bitch." Jessica turned to the side, holding her hand out in front of the both of them, pointing towards the pillows on large, soft bed. Hilda nodded silently, duly taking the few steps to the side of the bed, her hips and sex begging her to grind against the bed post. She breathed deeply, in and out as Jessica walked behind, enjoying the view of the curvaceous brunette's violated ass bouncing a little with each step, her silky brown hair flowing behind her.

Jessica reached for Hilda's leash, taking a half-step to the brunette's right. She deftly tied the end of the leash around the bedpost, cinching it tight. She pointed to pillow on the bed closest to the post as she faced Hilda with a smile.

"There. We can't have just anybody coming in and running away with your sweet little ass, now can we?" giggled Jessica as Hilda tentatively sat on the edge of the bed, looking up into her owner's eyes as she carefully pulled her legs on to the bed, keeping the length of the leash between her and the post in mind. After a few moments, she lay on her left hand side, facing out of the bed, her body sinking into the soft mattress and her head cradled in the deep, fluffy pillow.

"Don't worry, I'll join you in a few moments, my wet little bitch." The blonde walked around to the other side of the bed as Hilda lay still, her breathing finally slowed as she tried to relax, the bed supporting her body perfectly. She tugged feebly at her arm binder, managing to get her arms a little more comfortable before she settled into position. To her surprise, her jaw was fairly comfortable around the ballgag, and what little jaw movement she had wasn't especially uncomfortable. Hilda lay her head down on the soft pillow, hoping to get some rest soon.

On the other side of the bed, Jessica slipped out of her smart work uniform and into an almost equally smart set of light purple pyjamas. After neatly folding her work uniform and placing it on the small wooden bedside table, Hilda could wear some water running briefly from the nearby bathroom. Jessica returned, drying her hands in the air as she climbed in to bed, flicking off the lights as she crawled over the sheets towards Hilda.

"I think you'll enjoy morning service, it'll give us a chance to get that ballgag out of your mouth for a little while…" giggled Jessica, rolling on to her side to drape her arm over Hilda's curvy form, her hand naturally finding it's home across the obedient brunette's soft breasts. Jessica slid her other arm under a pillow to support her head, and felt a little jiggling through the mattress near her legs. Hilda was rubbing her thighs together, desperate to satisfy herself a tiny bit more before she slept.

"Ah ah ah…" whispered Jessica, her hand pinching Hilda's right nipple between it's thumb and forefinger. Hilda let out a quiet squeak as she knew she'd been caught. Her thighs fell still as she hoped she hadn't earned her ass another punishment from the older blonde lying behind her, playing with her exposed chest.

"If you do that again, bitch, I'm going to fit a spread bar between your knees." Jessica said playfully, rolling Hilda's nipple between her fingers. Hilda whimpered quietly again and nodded. After a few moments, Jessica's hand fell limp, draped across her captive's chest once more.

"Now, goodnight. You've got a big day tomorrow…" yawned Jessica, her eyes closing as she spoke. After a few moments in the silent darkness, Hilda's closed softly as well. Both girls breathed slowly in unison, Jessica drifting off a couple of minutes before Hilda.

She'd need some rest for her big day tomorrow, after all.