Chapter 3

Hilda's eyes fluttered open slowly as they adjusted to the harsh light filling the room. Jessica must have woken up already, thought Hilda. She pressed her cheek into the soft pillow, the fabric soaked through with her drool, flowing out from under the side of her gag as she slept. Hilda cringed a little as she noticed the trail of her drool flowing down from the pillow and on to the clean, white bedsheet. She knew Jessica would have something to say about her nice clean bedsheets getting wet, and she had a feeling she wouldn't have to wait long to hear it.

"Goodness, my little bitch. You just couldn't control yourself, could you?" said Jessica mockingly, her thin fingers stroking Hilda's round, milky ass cheeks, paying particular attention to where they met the very tops of her thighs. Hilda straightened her back a little as her captor's fingers explored her body, letting out a quiet mumble behind her gag. She knew better by now than to resist Jessica's touch too much.

"..mnmmhpnm…" mumbled Hilda, a quiet, muffled sound making it out past her gag. Her jaw was becoming a little sore after so many hours being stuffed with the thick rubber ball between her lips, and she tried to move it as best she could in any direction to relieve the discomfort. To her surprise her arms had slept pretty comfortably, and she thought back to what Jessica had said about this being 'her line of work'.

Suddenly, Jessica pushed her forefinger hard against the crack between Hilda's soft, plump ass cheeks, her finger tip pressing against the younger girl's quivering rear entrance. Hilda's eyes shot wide open and her breathing quickened as she let out a whimpering squeal at the feeling of the unwelcome intruder returning to her rear. She shook her head a few times before deciding it best if she held as still and quiet as she could, after what had happened last time. Anything but that.

"Need I remind you, bitch, that you belong to me now?" said Jessica, a slight hiss in her voice as she reached over Hilda's shoulder with her free hand, squeezing her perky right breast roughly. The helpless brunette squeaked, shaking her head quickly side to side. Hilda tried as hard as she could not to pull away from the finger about to enter her ass again, and it took all of her will to hold still as Jessica continued.

"Do I need to remind you that you shouldn't be getting my things dirty, bitch?" said Jessica with a devious expression, her finger running up and down slowly over Hilda's tight asshole as her other hand rolled the ex-trainer's nipple tightly between her fingers. Again Hilda shook her head, pleading with her captor as her finger brushed over her defenceless rear entrance over and over again. Jessica leaned in close to Hilda's ear, the younger girl feeling her warm breath on her neck as she did so.

"And I hope I don't need to remind you, this pretty little ass will get a good fucking whenever I feel like it. Understand, bitch?" Jessica added a little more venom than before to her last two words, the tip of her tongue flicking against Hilda's ear. The curvy brunette nodded frantically, desperate to avoid what her captor had just mentioned, another finger forced inside her tight asshole. Jessica's hand slid up her captive's body, from her chest to her neck, and finally rested on her cheek as Hilda's nodding subsided.

The blonde smirked as she clamped her palm tightly over Hilda's gagged lips, getting her hand a little wet in the process. A few moments later, she quickly and smoothly pressed her single finger harder and harder against Hilda's unwilling asshole, smiling as it disappeared bit by bit again inside her curvaceous slave. Hilda squealed loudly into her gag and Jessica's palm, her hips shaking a little as Jessica's finger began slowly moving in and out of her tight rear entrance.

"Seeing as I own this lovely body now, I own all of it's pleasure too." grinned Jessica, taking great enjoyment from feeling Hilda's lips writhing under her palm in a futile attempt to create recognisable words as she felt the inside of Hilda's ass grip her finger tightly. Hilda closed her eyes, a quivering moan sliding past her gag and captor's hand as the intruding finger drove her wild from behind, her thighs rubbing together and her insides feeling every feature of Jessica's smooth skin as it moved slowly in and out of her.

"If you please me, bitch, I might make it a bit more fun for you. But if you don't…" Hilda clenched her eyes shut, tears forming in their corners as she felt Jessica's finger push that little bit deeper inside her than before, prompting a wailing squeal from the helpless brunette. Jessica smiled once more as her finger lingered deep inside Hilda's ass for a few moments before she gradually drew it back, her captive's head shaking frantically side to side.

"You'd better get used to me using your body any way I want, my wet little bitch. I don't care either way, but it'll make it easier for you…" Hilda exhaled in relief as she felt her tormentor's fingertip slowly leave her molested asshole, her breasts heaving as she panted. With her finger fully removed from Hilda, Jessica's hand returned to her young captive's soft ass cheeks, squeezing her right roughly between the blonde's slender fingers.

"…and next time, it'll be more than a finger in there, my eager anal slut." whispered Jessica with glee, feeling the warmth spreading in her own panties. Hilda whimpered quietly, trying her best to fight back tears as she lay defeated on the bed next to her new owner, her body in Jessica's total control. Her breathing slowed as she tried to compose herself, her lips pressed tight against her gag by Jessica's palm.

It won't take many more of those before she's completely obedient, thought Jessica, running her eyes down along Hilda's gorgeous body, from her flowing brunette hair, her helplessly bound arms, to her perky chest and shapely thighs. Perfect, thought Jessica with a smile. Her hand ran up across the younger girl's ass cheek and over her hip, stroking back and forth gently along Hilda's milky skin.

"Besides, you just weren't suited to being a trainer with a body like this. Being a special kind of maid here and my personal sex slave is a much better fit for a bimbo like you, don't you agree, bitch?" teased Jessica, her hand moving from Hilda's lips to brush some of the silky brown hair from her captive's face, her other hand taking in the ex-trainer's curves as it stroked her hip again and again. Hilda's heart sank a little at hearing her owner's words. Her personal sex slave? Hilda gulped quietly before answering.

"…mhn hmmph…" Hilda nodded submissively, her eyes closed as she felt Jessica's fingers brush her hair from her face. Her body tingled as she felt the blonde's slender hand continuing to caress her hip, evenly distanced from her dripping wet slit and her violated asshole. Hilda was desperate for some relief from her sex begging her to finish, as well as to avoid anything else being pushed inside her tight ass, and she knew the blonde behind her knew it just as well as she did.

"That's what I thought. You know, with these curves, it wouldn't have been long until someone caught you anyway. Lucky it was me, huh?" grinned Jessica, biting her lower lip gently as Hilda sighed quietly. She flicked her wrist back to give the defeated brunette a quick smack on her exposed ass, her grin widening a little as she heard the quiet squeak from behind Hilda's gag. Jessica sat up, untying the leash from the bedpost nearest to her captive before letting it fall with a soft thud against the bedsheets in front of Hilda's face.

"Now, be a good little bitch and get up. I've arranged a special client for your first morning service, and you won't want to be late." Jessica climbed down from the bed on the opposite side from Hilda as the younger girl listened for a few moments. She could hear her captor's footsteps to the bathroom, then some water running. Hilda reluctantly sat up, turning to place her feet on the floor carefully. She had just made it to her feet, her back facing the bed when Jessica returned from the bathroom, drying her hands with a small white cloth.

"By the way, I think I already know the answer to this, but…" said the blonde, quickly unfolding her smart business clothes as she slipped out of her luxury pyjamas. Hilda was curious to see what Jessica looked like under those fancy outfits, but was sure she'd be punished if she was caught looking. The younger girl turned her head slightly to her left, trying to get a quick peek in her peripheral vision when she saw the taller blonde look up. Hilda turned her head back to face forward as fast as she could, but she knew she was caught.

Jessica made several tutting sounds in quick succession and sighed audibly, letting Hilda know she was in trouble. How could I be in any more trouble, thought Hilda, the words 'personal sex slave' still running through her mind as she fidgeted inside the arm binder fixed tightly around her. She heard Jessica finishing getting dressed remarkably quickly before slipping into her smart looking shoes, making a quiet clicking against the hard floor as she walked around the bed towards Hilda.

"Do you know the mistake you just made, bitch?" asked Jessica with a little bit of venom in her last word as she wrapped the free end of the leash around her hand, yanking on it sharply to pull Hilda uncomfortably towards her. Hilda stumbled slightly, her head being pulled downwards, causing her to bend her back a little and look up into Jessica's eyes pleadingly. Hilda whimpered up at the blonde holding her leash, her wide blue eyes fixed on Jessica's.

"Mmhmnphh!" nodded Hilda frantically, begging desperately with Jessica. Please, not my ass again, thought Hilda, her lips quivering a little as she waited for her owner's reply. She saw a smile spread again across Jessica's face as the blonde leaned in closer to Hilda's left ear, whispering softly.

"You shouldn't be looking away when I'm getting undressed, you ungrateful slut." Hilda nodded again, quieter this time. She was unable to hide her surprise at Jessica's words as the blonde pulled her head back, standing up straight again as she looked down at Hilda, their eyes meeting once more. She wants me to look at her, thought Hilda, her eyes trailing down Jessica's face until they reached her smaller chest, pushing out against her tightly buttoned business jacket. Her owner smirked as she watched Hilda's eyes take in her body, before giving her leash a little tug.

"My face is up here, you know…" teased Jessica, well aware that the sight of her body was making Hilda's dripping wet sex even harder for the helpless ex-trainer to ignore. Hilda mumbled quietly into her gag as Jessica loosened her grip on the leash, letting the younger girl stand up straight once more. Hilda looked into Jessica's deep green eyes, her body begging even harder for her to give it some release.

"Now, as I was asking. Have you ever sucked a cock, my little bitch?" Jessica reached up, her hand placed on Hilda's left cheek as her thumb stroked slowly across Hilda's soft, pink top lip before moving on to her lower lip, cradling the shorter girl's delicate chin with her fingers.

"…nuuh mmhph…" Hilda shook her head slowly side to side, careful not to look like she was trying to brush away Jessica's hand stroking her lips. She had a feeling she knew what was coming soon and gulped, her body tingling as her owner's soft thumb rubbed sensually across her lips once more. Jessica smiled at the sight of the lump travelling down Hilda's throat.

"I'm not sure I believe that, bitch, but there's a first time for everything…" said Jessica with a wink as she drew her hand away from Hilda's lips and chin, stepping to the side of the bound younger girl to walk to the large wardrobe on the other side of the room. Hilda stood still, a quivering whimper leaving her lips as quietly as she could. She tilted her head up to look at the ceiling, closing her eyes as she tried to compose herself again.

Jessica opened the wardrobe doors, a smile across her face as she carefully pulled out a small wheeled cart, it's oiled wheels gliding silently across the hard, smooth floor. It was around 3 feet by 2 feet at it's base, black and raised a few inches above the ground. On the upper side of the base, a soft leather cushion lay fixed covering most of the surface apart from a few inches at the right, flanked either side by buckling leather straps. A thin ring gag lay across the pillow, unattached to the cart. At the rear of the base another strap lay across the leather pillow, mirrored by one at the front. It was close to the tall black handle at the rear of the cart, a few feet high so it could be pushed from behind. Standing around 3 feet high from the uncovered part of the base was a thin metal pole, painted black with a small tray at the top, holding a full box of soft luxury tissues.

She'll fit just perfectly, thought Jessica, as she slowly pushed the cart along the side of the bed towards Hilda, the front of the cart emblazoned with the words 'Hotel Chateau Morning Service' in white, in the same style as the sign hanging outside the door of the hotel. Hilda tilted her head back down and opened her eyes, looking to her right to see the cart being wheeled in front of her by a grinning Jessica. Hilda moaned quietly as she looked down at the device, it's myriad straps strewn across the leather cushion. And she knew just what the tissues were for. Jessica reached down, picking up the thin leather ring gag by it's strap between her thumb and forefinger.

"Now, be a good little bitch and kneel down, will you?" said Jessica, carefully orienting the cart so it's rear faced Hilda, a few inches from her feet. She held it still as she looked to Hilda's face, waiting a couple of moments before clearing her throat at the younger girl to show her displeasure at the brief wait. Hilda breathed in and out slowly, trying to relax herself somewhat before she slowly reached her right leg out, bending down carefully as she took her weight on her lower leg, balancing for a moment as it lay bent on the soft leather cushion before bringing her left leg up next to it. She fidgeted as best she could, her heels pressing into her round ass cheeks.

Jessica reached down, deliberately not waiting for Hilda to get as comfortable as she could be as she pulled the left and right straps towards each other tightly across Hilda's lap, buckling them together. Hilda squeaked as the straps pressed hard against her soft, milky thighs, preventing her from moving her legs at all. She looked up pleadingly into Jessica's eyes, her mouth at the height of the blonde's crotch as she groaned quietly into her gag, her eyes drifting to the box of tissues a small distance from her mouth.

"That'll teach you to be quicker next time, won't it bitch?" Jessica grinned as she spoke, licking her lips at the sight of Hilda bound even more helplessly than before, kneeling on the morning service cart. Her shapely thighs were kept tightly together by the straps fixed to the cart, and both girls knew this would only make the brunette more desperate for release from her sex begging her to finish. Hilda nodded once more submissively, wondering what would happen to her helpless body next. She knew it wouldn't be long until she found out.

Jessica took a couple of steps around to her back, tracing a line with her finger down Hilda's smooth skin towards the top of the gap between her captive's curvaceous ass cheeks, taking much pleasure from hearing the quiet groan Hilda tried to stifle as she felt the finger return close to her rear entrance. Jessica's free hand grasped the rear strap of the cart, pulling it up to the back of Hilda's neck. Her other hand left Hilda's rear as it joined her other hand, brushing aside some of the brunette's flowing brown hair. She tugged lightly on the back of Hilda's collar, the front pressing lightly into Hilda's throat as she did so.

"…gmnmhk!" Hilda gagged slightly as Jessica looped the thin rear strap from the cart around the back of the collar fixed around her toy's slender neck. She fastened the strap tightly back on itself, pulling Hilda back and more upright as she did so. She pressed her finger gently against the strap, making sure it held taught between the rear of the cart and the back of Hilda's collar. The younger girl, forced by the strap, held her back up straighter than before, which pushed her gorgeous round breasts up a little further.

"Don't worry, my little service bitch. You'll get used to gagging on things pretty soon…" giggled Jessica as she returned to the front of the cart, kneeling down as she picked up the thin strap hanging from the front of the cart. She slowly glanced up Hilda's curvaceous body, the younger girl's drool again running over her bottom lip and between her perky breasts, rising and falling slowly as she breathed in and out.

"Mnnmhph…" Jessica brought the thin front strap up to Hilda's collar as the captive brunette groaned at her comment, looking down at the length of thin leather held in front of her as Jessica pushed the tip of the strap under the front of her collar. Hilda's owner pulled on the end, forcing Hilda's neck forward as Jessica fastened the strap back on itself. The leather strap braced tight between Hilda's collar and the front of the cart, working with the rear strap to hold Hilda's neck in position securely. Jessica stood up in front of her bound service slave, smiling at her handiwork.

Hilda tried to pull gently against her new bonds, but her thighs, neck and back were held immovably in place. She looked up at Jessica, who was now standing very close to the front of the cart, her lips level with the slightly taller blonde's crotch. As if she didn't know already, it became especially clear what this cart, and her fixed to it, would be used for. Hilda looked up into Jessica's eyes as best she could, waiting silently in submission for what she knew would come soon.

"See? You fit perfectly, my pretty little cocksucker!" said Jessica joyfully, one hand reaching to the back of Hilda's head, slipping her thumb under the strap on her ballgag. Her other squeezed Hilda's right breast, enjoying the quivering whimper from the completely bound brunette as her slender fingers sunk into Hilda's soft skin. Hilda felt the thick rubber ball be pulled back a little further into her mouth as Jessica's thumb worked it's way under it's strap, the ball pushing more against her tongue.

"There's just one more thing I need to add, then you'll be ready for your first client, bitch. Now, keep quiet…" Jessica spoke softly on her last two words, emphasising her point as her hand left Hilda's chest, joining her other in unfastening the ballgag strap from the back of Hilda's head. She held Hilda's head with one hand by her hair, as her other brought the right strap from the ballgag around to the front. Slowly, she pulled her hand holding the strap away from Hilda's mouth, easing the thick, wet rubber ball out from between Hilda's gorgeous pink lips.

"…uuhnm…" Hilda exhaled quietly as the ball left her lips, moving her jaw in every direction she could to try and loosen it back up. She was sure to stay as quiet as she could, well aware that the rubber ball that had kept her silent for the past few hours would likely be replaced very soon with something else. She looked at Jessica's hand as much as her severely limited movement would allow, and saw the older blonde place the slick-wet ballgag on the floor next to the cart.

"Don't worry, I'll wash it before it goes back in. Now, open wide." said Jessica with a giggle, as Hilda hoped she was telling the truth. Hilda opened her mouth as wide as she could, which gave Jessica no end of enjoyment. The blonde lifted up the thin ring gag in front of Hilda's face before slowly bringing it closer to her lips. Hilda kept still, as she knew what would happen if she didn't.

Jessica pushed the top of the thin metal ring, covered in leather, inside Hilda's top jaw behind her teeth. After a short moment, she pulled Hilda's jaw down the little bit further necessary and pushed the bottom of the ring into her lower jaw, smoothly and gradually. It slipped past her teeth after a short push, holding Hilda's mouth open whether she liked it or not. She was drooling just as much as with the ballgag, but at least then she could stop things being put in her mouth, she thought. Not anymore. Jessica smiled broadly, brushing Hilda's hair away at the back of her head as she fastened the straps of the ring gag tightly behind her captive's head.

"Uhmmn?" mumbled Hilda, her tongue writhing uselessly as she tried to speak, finding she was no more intelligible than with the ballgag moments ago. Jessica giggled, pinching the tip of the brunette's tongue between her thumb and forefinger.

"I wouldn't count on saying much any time soon, my little bitch." winked Jessica, letting go of Hilda's tongue as she stood up to admire the helpless younger girl. Hilda was ring gagged, bound kneeling with her neck a little forward and her arms useless, completely exposed, and to top it off a box of tissues presented next to her. The perfect blow job position, thought Jessica, and she knew Hilda was thinking the same thing.

"Now, come on. You're nearly late for your appointment with the manager." Jessica spoke as she stepped to the rear of the cart, pushing gently against the tall black handle just above her waist height as the cart began to move slowly across the hard, smooth floor towards the door.

Hilda's mind raced as she began to move. Last night she thought she couldn't be any more humiliated, but Jessica had proven her very wrong indeed. She knew what was going to happen to her soon, more specifically to her helpless mouth, she thought, but she still wasn't prepared. It was her first time, after all, whether the blonde pushing her towards the door believed her or not. She gulped down what drool she could to moisten her throat as she tried to think things through.

"Oh, and tongue out, bitch." said Jessica offhandedly as she reached over the bound brunette, her hand grasping the door handle. She looked down at Hilda for a moment, waiting for a response.

After a moment, Hilda's tongue obediently protruded from her gag, hanging over her bottom lip as she breathed slowly in and out.

Jessica smiled at the obedient service slut in front of her as she pulled the door handle down.

It was going to be a fun day indeed.