Chapter 4

A warm bead of drool slowly ran down Hilda's tongue until it reached the tip, glistening under the room's bright light. The young ex-trainer took a few shallow breaths as the drool hung from the underside of her outstretched tongue, waiting for its chance to flow down her bound, gorgeous body. The situation ran through Hilda's head over and over. A short time ago she was a promising trainer with gym badges under her belt; but now, here she was bound, gagged and her mouth forced open at crotch-height on a service cart, and the property of the devious older blonde who loved nothing more than exploring Hilda's body.

"Gmmhnm…" Hilda groaned gently as the cart began to move, Jessica smoothly and slowly pushing the cart through the doorway until her bound brunette was all the way out. With a well-rehearsed click the door was shut behind them as the younger captive looked around, thinking of the first time only a short while ago when she'd first marveled at the hallway. Bouncing through it on the way to her free room for the night at such a fancy place, it all seemed too good to be true – and she thought, naked, captive and helpless as she was now, it certainly was too good to be true after all.

"Now, it's just a few doors down, so be a good bitch and try not to drool too much on the nice clean floor." grinned Jessica, leaning down to straighten out her own skirt before clearing her throat. One must look presentable when wheeling around such a gorgeous toy, she thought to herself with a smile. With a deep breath she began smoothly pushing the cart along the polished hallway, her formal shoes clicking gently against it as Hilda whimpered gently, her tongue twitching a little as it lay on her plump pink bottom lip. The small, warm bead of drool broke free and ran down her chin, gliding along her smooth skin before beginning its descent down her neck.

The cart slowed to a gentle stop in front of a thick black door. Hilda tried to look up and read the golden name plate adorning the door, but from her crotch-height position couldn't make it out. She gulped as best as the ring holding her tired jaw open would allow, before gingerly hanging her tongue out again. The cart turned smoothly as the wheels glided effortlessly on the pristine floor until the helpless brunette was facing the door, a few inches from the wood. And as both her and Jessica were thinking, soon to be a few inches from something else.

"Showtime, my little bitch." whispered Jessica quietly as she reached over Hilda's shoulder, rapping the door twice with her knuckles in quick succession. They both listened to the muffled shuffling sounds from the room behind it, waiting for the click of the door handle. The captive ex-trainer turned sex toy gulped once more, her eyebrows arched up pleadingly as her tongue quivered atop her bottom lip, a soft whimper escaping her mouth each time her full chest rose and fell.

The door clicked open to reveal the same smartly dressed, handsome man from before, somewhere in his late 30s. He wasted no time in admiring the delicious prize in front of him, Hilda's breathing quickening as she saw his eyes explore every part of her beautiful body, from her soft, round breasts bobbing gently with each breath to her mouth held helplessly open.

"Your best yet, Jessica. Excellent work." as he spoke, his right hand unzipped the front of his trousers as Hilda found herself unable to look away, her breathing turned to panting. She felt a familiar warm, wet feeling building up between her legs as she fixated on the older man's crotch, her thighs squeezing together as best they could in her current position. Thoughts raced through the buxom captive's mind – why, why is this making me so wet? I-I can't like this, can I? She closed her eyes and tried to contain herself, her sex driving her wild with every passing second.

"Thank you, sir." Jessica bowed slightly as she spoke, taking the opportunity to glance at her gorgeous slave's jiggling thighs. Knowing Hilda was becoming aroused by her situation was almost more than the blonde could stand as she brought her own legs closer together, her own warmth and wetness beginning to spread. I'll deal with this when I get her back in my room, thought Jessica, barely retaining her composure.

Hilda's breathing was frantic, her tongue twitching at the tip slick with drool as she felt the older man gently grab a handful of her flowing brown hair. She opened her eyes slowly, nervously, until she saw what was waiting in front of her. Her eyes shot open and a muffled, wailing plea left her helpless lips as her eyes fixed on the thick cock being held within licking distance of her mouth, a drop of his own juice hanging from the tip. His right hand held the shaft, angling the thick, wet purple head down a little, ready to plunge into the captive cock-hole waiting anxiously in front of him. Hilda let out a subdued, high pitch squeal as she knew what was coming next, her and Jessica both feeling their sex dripping wet with their sweet nectar.

"Gaaahhg-uummlph!" Hilda wanted to cough as the stiff, wet meat stick was stuffed into her mouth as her head was pulled forward onto it by her hair. The tip slid smoothly into her mouth across her tongue, giving her a taste of the drop hanging from the tip and plenty more as the purple head disappeared completely inside her mouth in one smooth motion. A good length of the shaft followed, filling the helpless girl's mouth with meat from her quivering lips to the back of her throat. Her tongue pushed up reflexively, lapping the underside of the male organ stuffed inside her.

"Mmmh…" the manager smiled as he felt his engorged cock twitch inside Hilda's wet, warm mouth, her lips quivering against his shaft as her tongue extended down its length, her half-desperate half-pleasured noises the icing on the cake. He looked down smirking into Hilda's wide eyes, tearing up as she looked up into his, the thick meat threatening to push further into her throat. Her jaw was fixed open by the ring between her lips, not to mention now the stiff cock deep in her mouth. She looked up at the manager anxiously as she tasted his pre-cum, flowing from his twitching tip onto her tongue and down her throat. Hilda was completely under his control, her mouth filled with his wet shaft – and some part of her was very happy it.