Chapter 1

That last battle was too close, thought Serena as she tip-toed as fast as she could through the long grass, desperate to avoid any more confrontation until she could reach a Pokemon centre. Wincing with every step, she carefully avoided any patches of the tall grass that looked a little darker than usual or might be moving. Her Pokemon were so tired, she knew she didn't stand a chance against a strong wild Pokemon. Just a few more steps, she thought.

With one final step her foot landed outside the long grass, and she quickly pulled the rest of her body out with it, her bag bending a few strands of the vegetation as she eased her way through. Wiping her forehead with the back of her hand, she sighed in relief and looked up at the sky. There was a light breeze blowing, which helped to cool her down a little.

"Jeez…" exhaled Serena as she slowly lifted her wide pink hat from her head, closed her eyes and tilted her head back to face the sky. Now she could finally rest a little. Sunlight glistened on the lenses of her white framed sunglasses as well as the beads of sweat running down her cheek as she breathed in and out, slowly and deeply. Her chest rose and fell with each breath as she thought of where to go next.

"Oh yeah! Of course, Cyllage City is just…" Serena's eyes shot open as she jerked her head forward and scanned the distance for the sight of some landmarks. After a few moments, she saw the cycle trail in the distance and the very top of what must a Pokemon centre - the Cyllage City Pokemon centre! Serena smiled and let out a little giggle as she brought her hat back down on top of her flowing blonde hair and excitedly walked off in the direction of the distant building, with no tall grass to be seen. Finally, a chance to rest.

Slightly out of breath after speed walking all the way, Serena bounded up to the automatic doors of the Pokemon Centre. She had barely seen anyone outside in the city, but it was late and she'd just made a line straight for the Centre. She stood in front of the welcoming doors, looking up at the Pokeball symbol on the building as the entrance slid open before her. She took a few steps inside, feeling the doors close behind her, locking out the cool breeze.

It was warm, quiet, and there seemed to be just a Nurse Joy behind the counter inside. Serena glanced to her left to see the familiar changing room and set of chairs, and to her right the normal collection of tables and stools and the Pokemart counter. She couldn't see anyone on the counter, but, she remembered, it was late. She shrugged and turned to face forward.

Nurse joy greeted her with a smile as always as she strode up to the desk. Joy looked the young girl up and down as she approached, nodding to herself inside approvingly. What a beautiful young girl, she thought, watching Serena's golden hair bounce with every step. And the other parts of her body that bounced, of course, not that she'd stare long enough for the perky trainer to notice.

"Hello, and welcome to the Pokemon Centre." grinned Joy as Serena placed her bag on the counter. She must have said that line a hundred times already this week.

"Would you like to rest your Pokemon?" she said as she tilted her head to the side a little, her pink curls bobbing slightly as she did so.

"Yes please!" beamed Serena, bowing a little at the taller nurse behind the counter. She quickly rolled out her 6 Pokeballs, each marked with a small label bearing her name. She formed her hands into a semi circle around them and pushed them gently towards Joy, keeping her hands on Joy's side of the counter to stop them rolling off onto the floor.

"Okay, I'll take your Pokemon for a few seconds then… Oh dear, you look exhausted! Serena, is it?" smiled Joy as she reached forward, placing her soft hands on top of Serena's. She could tell this wasn't what the younger girl was expecting as her head dipped a little, her eyes looking at the pair of hands freshly meeting her own. Joy's thumb gently stroked along the back of Serena's hand, tingling the trainer's skin a little.

"U-um, yeah! I had a long day…" flustered Serena, blushing a little. She looked up to see Joy's eyes staring back at hers, matched with a disarming smile. Serena smiled back awkwardly, hoping Joy wouldn't see how embarrassed she was at this surprise. Her hands relaxed somewhat as Joy leaned against the counter towards her.

"If you're tired, there's a small bedroom with a shower behind the changing room. It's only supposed to be used by nurses, but as there's no one else here and I'm covering the night shift, you can use it to clean up and get a little rest if you would like." Joy whispered with a wink.

"Oh! That would be nice, but what about my Pokemon?" asked Serena, looking up at Joy who had pulled herself back from leaning. Her mouth hung open a little, with her glossy pink lips forming into a perfect tiny circle Joy couldn't help but notice.

"I'll keep them here for you until the morning. It'll be cheaper than a hotel." replied Joy, flicking her head in the direction of the bedroom. She saw Serena's expression change in an instant from quizzical to overjoyed as she sprung up onto her tip-toes and beamed a smile back at Joy. She pulled her hands up from underneath the pink-haired nurse's and reached forward over the counter, giving her a very brief hug at the shoulders. Joy made sure to bury her nose in the trainer's hair as she did so, taking a deep breath of the gorgeous young girl's scent.

"Okay, see you in the morning! Thank you so much!" squealed Serena as she gathered up her bag, smiled again at Joy and sprung over to the changing room, looked around a little and found the side door marked 'Nurse Joy Only'. She leant gently against the door and it opened, revealing a small single bed with Pokeball pattern bedsheets, a small table in the corner and an en suite shower. Serena couldn't believe her luck as she stepped inside.

Neither could Nurse Joy.

"Oh no, Serena, thank you…" grinned Nurse Joy, whispering to herself until she heard the door shut behind Serena.

Once she heard the familiar click of the door closing, Nurse Joy clapped her hands together with glee. She looked up at the entrance door to the Pokemon Centre for a few moments, hoping that no one else was going to come in and ruin her plan. After all the night shift was so boring, no one ever came in. Let alone a gorgeous golden haired young trainer who might be just the little bit gullible.

Joy quickly walked up the automatic doors, pressing a small control to the side to deactivate them and pulled out the standard 'Sorry, This Pokemon Centre Is Closed' sign. She held it up at head head, making sure to get it level before hanging it from the peg attached to the inside of the doors. That'll do, she thought as she walked back to the counter.

She placed all of Serena's Pokeballs in the healing machine, and tapped in the familiar button being bathed in the machine's bright light for a few seconds, they were all healed and brimming with energy. Joy smiled. After all, she was still a Pokemon nurse, even if the night shift had made her quite bored of her job.

Joy turned back to face the counter, leaving the Pokeballs safely in the machine. Retrieving a keyring from her pocket, she squatted down in front of a small metal cupboard under the desk. Only she had the key to open the bottom drawer, not that anyone had ever asked. She looked at the lock briefly as her thoughts returned to Serena, probably halfway undressed by now, she thought, as her left hand moved down her thigh and rubbed slowly on the outside of her pink panties.

Hey, it wasn't every day she got this opportunity, she thought. With her one hand still helping the wet spot on her panties grow larger, the other twisted the key into the lock. Pulling the drawer out steadily she saw a few things she hadn't used in a while. A pink leather arm binder, a few rolls of glossy pink tape, a few gags and a couple of sets of cuffs, all pink of course. Serena was shorter than her, but she still had to be careful, she thought.

She pulled out a few of her favourite toys, placing them gently on the floor in front of the drawer before locking it shut again. Among them was a small, tightly sealed pouch. Although it was marked only with a red 'X' on both sides, Joy knew what was inside and just how to use it. From her many years of treating Pokemon, Joy had dealt with her share of Grass types that became a little too pollinating during the spring, and she knew it would be useful to collect a little of the excess sleep powder for occasions just like this.

Joy bit her bottom lip gently and stopped for a moment. Her body was begging her to continue downstairs, but she knew her real prize waited in the small bedroom not too far away. She inhaled slowly and deeply, and picked up her toys as well as the sleep powder pouch. She turned off the lights in the lobby as she did so, leaving the ones in the bedroom as is. We don't want our dear Serena getting suspicious, do we, thought Joy with a giggle.

She quietly snuck up to the bedroom door, and feeling around near the floor soon found the small air conditioning vent that fed cool air into the bedroom. Holding her own breath, she loosened the top of the pouch gently, letting the air conditioning fans suck up some of the sparkling powder. She tied the top of the pouch again tightly, smiled to herself and placed her ear against the door, waiting to hear the results.

After such a long day, Serena was desperate to cool off and relax. After a few flops onto the bed to make sure it was good and soft, the pretty young trainer kicked off her shoes and rubbed the bottoms of her feet gently. She had been walking around for what felt like forever today, and it felt good to finally be able to relax. Serena lifted her hat from her golden hair, always careful not to drop her sunglasses as she did so, and put it down on the floor near the foot of the bed.

Serena looked over at the tiny shower area, with it's tiled floor and thin curtain separating it from the rest of the room. She knew if she didn't have a shower soon she'd fall asleep and it'd be morning already. She had gotten pretty sweaty from all her adventuring, but she couldn't decide whether to wash or call Shauna first on the holocaster to tell her all about the day's adventures.

She was due to meet up with Shauna tomorrow evening, and secretly both girls couldn't quite find the words to tell the other that they'd felt something special that night watching the fireworks together. Something a little more intimate than friendship.

Serena shook her head side to side a little to clear her mind, getting lost in her thoughts. Shower, she thought. She pulled herself up off the bed and on to her feet, standing up on her tip toes as she unbuttoned her short red skirt. It fell to the floor around her feet with a flutter, revealing her white panties as she tilted her head back. Her hands found the bottom of her tight black top and pulled smoothly, the shirt pulling her perky breasts up as it slid over her chest and off her shoulders.

She dropped the shirt to the side on the floor and stepped out of her skirt, making her way around the bed towards the shower. Dressed only in her thigh high socks, white panties and white bra, she caught sight of a tiny golden glimmer in the air as it sailed past her eye.

"T-that smell! It's…" Serena's eyes suddenly became very heavy and her body hunched with exhaustion. She fought as hard as she could to stay awake, but more and more of the golden powder took it's effect. She turned to her left, letting out a puzzled groan, and collapsed onto the bed. Her lower legs hung over the side as she lay face down, her head turned towards the door. She managed to barely open her right eye, but let out a whispered yawn as it closed slowly. Her body relaxed completely and she fell into a deep, deep slumber.

Whether she wanted to or not.

Listening intently, Joy heard the soft thud as the helpless young trainer landed on the bed. She waited for a few moments, just to be sure, before she flicked the maintenance switch for the air conditioning for the bedroom. Inside, the few remaining pieces of the golden powder dropped harmlessly to the ground, their work already done.

Joy slowly and quietly creaked open the bedroom door, and seeing Serena's motionless legs hanging limply off the end of the bed, knew her plan had succeeded. She congratulated herself inside and licked her lips as she opened the door half way, carrying her collection of toys inside as she slowly shut the door behind herself. It clicked shut with a familiar sound as she turned to look at her new toy.

"Mmmh… Oh my." smirked Joy as she looked over Serena's unconscious body. From her shapely legs to her round little ass, from her tight midriff to her pouting pink lips, endless ideas raced through the devious nurse's mind. She knelt next to the slumbering trainer's face and slowly extended her finger, first rubbing it gently over her lips and then very gently touching the inside of her bottom lip. She let it linger for a few moments as she admired the pretty young blonde's features.

Pulling her finger out, Joy greeted her own fingertip with a lick. Her hand gently stroked Serena's flowing golden locks, running all the way to the small of her back. I'll have to be careful not to get any of that caught, thought Joy, as her mind brought her back to what she was supposed to be doing. She only had a short time before her prize would wake up, after all.

Joy stood up and made her way to the foot of the bed, nudging Serena's shoes to the side with her foot as she did so. She placed a roll of glossy pink tape on the bed next to the young trainer and quickly and carefully grasped her ankle. Joy delicately pulled Serena's thigh-high covered leg back onto itself, her heel almost touching her thigh. With her other hand, she rocked the young girl a little onto her side so her thigh was free of the bed. She began to wind the pink tape tightly around Serena's leg, holding it very effectively in position.

Years of applying bandages had made Joy quite adept, and within moments she had quickly bound Serena's leg, the tape applied in one continuous loop. Joy nodded to herself in approval and immediately proceeded to apply the same treatment to the other leg, pulling up the sock slightly to it was level with the other before using the tape. Serena was still fast asleep, completely unaware of anything that was happening to her. Joy smiled, but knew she had to hurry up.

With Serena's legs securely taped, Joy turned her attention to her arms. As they were sprawled out in front of her, Joy had to be careful not to tip Serena off the bed or worse, wake her up, as she pulled them behind the blonde's back. Joy slowly and carefully manipulated Serena's arms, being careful not to make contact with her face as she did so. Within a few moments, the helpless young trainer's arms were lying in parallel across her back. Joy looked at Serena's hands, but couldn't help her gaze from following down a little further to find that cute little round pair of ass cheeks, just begging to be squeezed.

It took almost all of Joy's willpower not to slap both hands on the unconscious blonde's ass right there and squeeze to her heart's content, but she knew if she blew it now she'd regret it. She grasped Serena's wrists gently, lifting them up off her body a little with one hand as the other reached to the side to collect her arm binder. Pink leather with a series of straps running up its back, Joy carefully slid the small pair of hands in her grasp into the top of the arm binder. She tugged each side a little at a time, working the tight garment bit by bit up her captive's arms.

At the top of the arm binder was a strap which fitted around the front of the wearer, just above the breasts to hold it all in place. Joy was especially careful not to tighten the straps too much as she cinched the arm binder around Serena's arms, for fear of waking her up. Breathing a quiet sigh of relief as the top strap at the back of the arm binder was fastened, she rolled her new plaything over slowly onto her back, taking care not to catch her feet on the sheets or let her head fall.

This was the home stretch, thought Joy. The wet patch that had started just after Serena had walked in the Pokemon Centre was now pretty large, and the eager nurse rubbed her thighs together in anticipation as her arms made sure Serena wouldn't wake up just yet. She cradled the blonde's head gently as she rolled her over, her golden hair flowing over her neck, face and chest.

Serena lay face up, her mouth open as her golden locks lay scattered all around her head as Joy brushed them away from atop her chest. As she reached behind the half naked girl for the final strap to fasten the arm binder, Joy stared at her captive's perky chest. A quiet moan from Serena reminded her she didn't have much time left to finish, so she shook her head to clear her thoughts and quickly fastened the strap around Serena's front, taking care not to catch any of her hair.

Serena was still sound asleep, and the helpless trainer's arms and legs had been very effectively bound. She was totally helpless. Now, thought Joy, the only thing left was her mouth.

Joy pondered for a few moments which was the best choice to use on her gorgeous new toy. After all, they didn't come along too often. She decided on one of her favourites, a bright pink (of course) ring gag. It was made up of two parts - the first, a metal ring on a leather strap that was fastened tightly around the captive's head. This forced the ring between the captive's upper and lower jaw, ensuring that they couldn't close their mouth. The ring had a soft rubber ring around its outside which is the part that actually made contact with the teeth, and had a screw thread on its inside. This let the second part of the gag, which was a thick rubber plug like that used in a sink, be screwed in to keep the captive silent.

Aside from just being extremely humiliating, which Joy enjoyed the thought of Serena being very much, it also let her have access to the pretty trainer's mouth when she wanted it, and silence when she didn't. Perfect, thought Joy, as she set about slowly opening her captive's mouth wide enough for the gag. She placed her thumb on Serena's chin and pulled down slowly, opening her mouth wider and wider. She began to stir a little, and Joy knew she was nearly out of time.

A little quicker than she had planned, Joy opened her toy's mouth as wide as she could pull it without waking her up for sure. She brought the ring gag up to Serena's lips, and angled it in to the top of her mouth first. She could feel the helpless blonde stir underneath her, so she quickly forced the bottom of the gag inside her mouth as well. This prompted a quiet moan, but Joy knew she was nearly done. She slid the strap under Serena's golden hair and clasped it tightly shut around the back of her head.

Joy brought the plug up in front of Serena's lips, and was bringing it steadily towards the bound trainer when to her surprise, Serena's eyes scrunched up a little, and her brow furrowed. Joy paused for a moment and bit her tongue. After what seemed like minutes, the blonde drifted back off into a motionless sleep, much to Joy's relief. Not that there was really much she could do at this point, thought the desperately horny nurse, but still. She slowly and carefully screwed the thick rubber plug into the ring, sealing her captive's mouth. When it was fully screwed in, the pattern on the outside of the plug matched that of the Pokeball on the outside of the building.

Serena was half naked, completely bound, gagged and helpless, and was sure to wake up any moment.

And Joy couldn't wait.