Chapter 2

Serena's chest rose and fell slowly with each breath pushing lightly against the arm binder strap as Joy looked on, very pleased with her handiwork. After all, they didn't come along like this everyday. She lay on the bed next to the bound blonde's right hand side, sliding over slightly to get a little closer. Joy's thigh touched lightly against her captive's hip as she inched closer.

"Any moment now..." whispered Joy as her hand slid down her own hip and into her panties. She gently bit her bottom lip as her thin, soft fingers traced a line from her side to her wet patch when she stopped. She looked down along Serena's beautiful body and slowly pulled her hand from her own panties, only the tip of her index finger wet.

Joy giggled as she reached over, placing her right hand's fingertips softly on Serena's smooth midriff. She delicately drew circles on the younger girl's milky skin as her hand twirled over her stomach, drifting towards her hips. After all, thought Joy, why capture your very own cute little trainer if you're not going to use her?

Her fingertips skirted across the skin just above the top of her new toy's white panties, each light touch bringing Serena closer to waking up. Joy was trying to decide whether it'd be more fun to wait until she was awake before sliding her fingers under the soft fabric covering the golden haired girl's most secret areas, until her handmade the choice for her. She pressed down gently on Serena's skin, her fingers slipping smoothly inside the panties. Joy's fingertips glided over the small patch of blonde hair inside, and as she did so, Serena began to stir.

"...mmhnhm..." moaned Serena softly into her gag, her eyes fluttering open. She squinted at the bright light filling the room, and immediately felt uncomfortable. The young trainer could feel her arms and legs aching a little, and to stretch her neck turned her head to the right. Much to her surprise, there lay Joy, her head propped up by her left hand. Serena's eyes shot open wide as she suddenly became aware of the unfamiliar hand sliding inside her panties.

"Whyhellothere, Serena." giggled Joy, her tongue slowly licking her top lip as she finished. Her hand was rubbing up and down across the little patch of hair inside Serena's panties, taking great pleasure in the reaction from her bound blonde. Serena's hips involuntarily lifted slightly to press against Joy's fingers, which greatly amused the pink haired nurse.

"HMMNPHMN?!" squealed the helpless young trainer as she shook her head violently at Joy, throwing her golden locks across her face. Serena tried to pull away from Joy, which proved very difficult with her arms pinned together underneath her and her legs bound so effectively. She wanted to look at what Joy's hand was doing inside her panties, but was still hoping to get some reason from her face. Joy lifted her body up a little and used her left hand to brush Serena's hair from her face, making sure to caress her cheek and forehead as she did so.

"Shh, we're just going to have a little fun..." whispered Joy, pressing her finger against Serena's gag to try and quiet her down. She was very much enjoying watching her captive's futile attempts to escape, or even to close her legs. Serena was trying to squeeze her legs together so tight that Joy's hand wouldn't be able to go any lower, but Joy giggled as they both knew that wouldn't work.

"NMMHPNM! MMHMNPH!" screamed Serena, her tongue pressing against her as as she closed her eyes and thrashed as much as she could, which thanks to Joy wasn't very much at all. Joy sighed and removed her hand from Serena's panties, instead bringing it sharply to her face and squeezing her cheeks together as tight as she could, holding her head still as Joy's other hand once more brushed strands of hair away from Serena's face.

"I didn't want to have to do this, but..." whispered Joy, her hand squeezing Serena's cheeks tightly. The helpless trainer's eyes widened and looked to the right as much as they could, sensing a slight change in the mood from Joy.

"I think you're cute, that's why I caught you. So I'm going to play with you tonight whatever happens, and in case you haven't noticed, you're a little too bound and gagged to stop me. So you can either enjoy it with me, or..." Joy trailed off slightly at the end of her sentence as she sat up a little, giving Serena, who gulped expecting some even worse news to follow, a good view of her face as she spoke.

"...I could always put a collar and lead around this pretty little neck of yours, write 'Slaverena' on your ass and see if Team Flare will buy you. Now, I'd rather keep you all to myself, but..." sighed Joy as she leant in closer to Serena's petrified face, who looked ready to cry.

"We couldn't have my secret getting out now, could we? So, what do you say? I think you'll enjoy yourself tonight, you gorgeous little thing. I know I will." winked Joy. Serena nodded frantically, her head moving the little Joy's hand would allow as her eyes fixed on those of her captor. C-cute? Gorgeous? No one besides Shauna has ever called me those before, she thought, her mind trying to think of anything to blot out Joy's threat from a few moments ago.

"Good girl." Joy smiled and slowly drew her handawayfromSerena's cheeks, taking her time to admire the sight of such a beautiful young trainer bound, gagged, half naked and nodding in obedience in front of her. It was going to be a wonderful night, thought Joy as she smiled.

Serena tried her best to calm down, closing her eyes and breathing as slowly and deeply as she could. Joy looked on at her captive's chest once more, rising and falling as Joy gently stroked the young trainer's head, threads of golden hair running between her fingers. It was a shame to have to scare her, thought Joy, but it'll be worth it. She continued, waiting for Serena's eyes to open and her breathing to return to normal.

After a short while, Serena opened her eyes once more, looking into Joy's and mumbling something into her gag. Joy's hand on her head felt nice, pressing on all the right places as her fingers flowed through her hair. The helpless trainer pulled her head up a little and tried to say something to Joy again, her words muffled by the plug in her mouth.

"I'll do the talking tonight." giggled Joy, holding her finger up to her own lips. Her right hand slid down her body until it reached her hips, where it began to pull her black panties smoothly down her thigh. She sat up for the final pull, the panties leaving a trail of her juice down her legs as they came off. Joy held the sopping wet panties in a bunch, hovering above Serena's face. Serena moaned quietly into her gag, wincing a little as she felt the smell pour into her nose.

"Serena is such a pretty name, it suits you. We wouldn't want it to get dirty though, right?" grinned Joy, half visible to Serena behind the wad of wet panties. The half naked blonde squirmed a little, her eyes fixated on the scrunched up panties and still trying to get her arms a bit more comfortable as the scent of Joy's juice filled her nostrils.

"Tonight, I think Sluterena is a little more appropriate, don't you?" said Joy, still smiling as her free hand began to unscrew the plug from her helpless toy's mouth. Serena blushed and looked away from her captor on hearing her new nickname. Why was this so embarrassing, considering everything else that was going on, she wondered. She felt the thick rubber plug turning as Joy's hand twisted, her tongue able to stretch a little further each time as the plug slowly came out.

"...mmuhllmnh..." Serena tried to plead with Joy again, this time without the plug blocking her tongue. She was surprised to find that this time it wasn't the now removed plug that was stopping her from speaking, but also the metal ring between her top and bottom jaw that Joy gave a light tug to amuse herself. Her tongue writhed uselessly in an attempt toformsome pronounceable words for a few moments before as it was hanging out mid would-be-word, Joy pressed the soaking bundle of panties on top of it, directly into Serena's mouth.

"Mmmhpmhmff!" the young blonde's tongue was drenched in Joy's juice as the wet panties were pushed into her mouth, and every time she tried to curl her tongue a little more came out. Serena's eyes were wider than ever as she looked up at the grinning Joy, who's single finger was holding the soaking bundle inside Serena's mouth.

"After all, a good girl wouldn't have my panties stuffed in her mouth right now, would she?" beamed Joy as she wiggled her finger on the panties, rubbing them more and more across Serena's helpless tongue. The captive trainer's initial protest had softened into a continuing quiet moan, the two girl's eyes still meeting as Joy once more brought the rubber plug up to Serena's full mouth.

"That's right, Sluterena. Take my panties like a good little bitch, and make sure you taste all of it, okay?" grinned Joy, rubbing her thighs together as she pushed the plug once more to meet the ring inside Serena's mouth. This only pushed the panties harder against her tongue, and as Joy began to screw the plug back in place Serena knew she'd be tasting Joy for a while to come. The sickly sweet taste rolled down her tongue and into the back of her throat constantly, and she stared up at Joy as the plug was fully returned into her mouth.

For a few minutes, Joytook immense pleasure in using one hand to squeeze Serena's cheeks to try and force a little more juice out of her panties and into the younger girl's mouth, whilst her other handslid its index and forefingers over her own entrance, again and again until they were soaking wet. She slowly pulled her fingers away, leaving a glistening trail, andheld them under Serena's nose.

"...fmmnph..." groaned Serena, her nose scrunching upa little as the now familiar smell invaded her senses once more. Joy giggled as she rubbed the juice just above Serena's upper lip, forcing her to smell it constantly. As if tasting it wasn't enough, thought the captive young trainer.

"I think I'll sit behind you for a bit and enjoy the view." said Joy with a wink as she crawled over to the top of the bed behind Serena and began tugging the younger girl up towards her by her arms, after a few moments leaving Joy sitting with her legs spread and Serena between them, her upper body more upright than before. This left the back of her head pressing between the top of Joy's breasts, and her legs sticking out in front of the two girls in their bound position, which just reminded Serena again that she couldn't close them.

"Mmhphm?" Serena tried to tilt her head back far enough to get a view of Joy's face again, but to no avail. This was a more comfortable position for her, but she got the feeling it also left her a little more on show than the last one. She wiggled a little between Joy's legs, and from Joy's reaction she realised her bound arms were rubbing on top of Joy's very wet area between her legs. Joy let out a quiet gasp as the young blonde's unintended rubbing caught her off guard.

Serena looked down as a tiny squeak escaped her gag. She could see Joy's hands inching closer to her half-exposed chest, waiting for Serena to notice them before they continued. Joy slipped a thumb of each hand under the top of each cup of the helpless trainer's bra, and stopped for a few moments to hear the quiet, muffled squeaks and moans coming from her captive.

The tips of Joy's thumbs were lightly pressing into Serena's sensitive breasts, and Joy knew this well. She slowly pressed them a little harder into Serena's soft, pale flesh and felt the younger girl quiver. Joy's hands smoothly pushed inside her golden haired captive's bra, her palms on top of Serena's stiffening nipples as Joy's fingers made their way to the bottom, squeezing lightly.

Serena shut her eyes and let out a quivering moan, her face flushed a deep red. Joy knew that for the first time in the night it was a moan of pleasure, and smiled. She gently squeezed Serena's milky chest for a few minutes, each time a little harder and slower than the last. Serena was having to catch her breath, and she wasn't sure what to think any more. This shouldn't feel good, should it? WhyamI so excited?

Joy's hands slid up Serena's soft, squishy breasts until her fingertips found the young trainer's stiffened nipples. Waiting a moment for the soft, muffled panting from her blonde plaything to pass, Joy lightly pinched each nipple between a thumb and forefinger, and smiled as Serena's head tilted back and her moans changed pitch. Joy twiddled each nipple in unison for a few minutes, almost wondering if she could work out a tune on the gorgeous blonde between her legs.

Serena breathed in and out quickly through her nose, her mouth still stuffed full of Joy's soaking wet panties. She felt Joy's hands slowly leave her bra, and let out a puzzled squeak. Serena tried to turn her head far enough to her right to see Joy's face, but as she did so Joy lifted her a little to reach her back. She felt Joy unhook her bra and softly lower her back down. Serena wriggled her arms up and down as much as she could, knowing she was rubbing against Joy's very sensitive area.

"Nnh..." gasped Joy as she bit her lower lip, looking down at Serena. She smiled as she realised Serena had figured out where her arms were. Joy pulled her hands back around to the front as Serena's eyes followed them. They pulled Serena's bra down, fully exposing her perky, round breasts, and then pulled it away from her body completely, throwing it to the floor next to the bed. Serena's chest heaved with her quickened breathing, and she tilted her head back. She pulled her eyebrows into a pleading expression and let out a long groan, which Joy thought sounded familiar.

Joy smiled. It sounded like 'Pleaaaaase'.

Joy giggled as her left hand cupped Serena's soft, squishy left breast, her thumb making circles on her helpless exposed nipple. Serena lowered her head again and closed her eyes, moaning once more. Joy's free hand stroked the younger girl's chin for a brief moment before running down her neck, chest and midriff before it made it's way to her hips. Joy ran her hand down Serena's side, admiring the point where her hips began to spread from her midsection.

"...mmmhpphmrrmm..." Serena moaned quietly as she felt Joy's gentle, soft hands exploring her body, all her thin fingers gliding across her delicate skin. She felt the tips of Joy's right hand touch the top of her panties, the place where she had been so horrified about them being a little earlier in the evening. Things were different now, though. Much different, thought Serena, her moans beginning to sound like soft purrs to Joy, who planted a kiss on the top of the blonde captive's head.

Serena nodded a little as Joy's fingers slipped underneath the top of her panties, and once more slid across the small patch of hair inside. Unlike earlier in the evening, Joy could feel from the fabric that Serena had a wet patch of her own. Joy placed her forefinger on a wet patch soaked into the panties for a few moments before pulling her hand out slowly. As she could feel Serena breathing even deeper than before, she brought her finger up to her own lips, extended her tongue, and put her whole finger inside her mouth, closing her lips around it.

"Mmmh... You taste good, you know that? I could get used to this..." beamed Joy as she pulled the finger from her mouth. Serena had a sweet taste, even sweeter than her own. Serena tried to reply, her words still muffled by the wet panties and rubber ring filling her mouth, not to mention her pitch changing depending on what Joy's left hand was doing at the time.

Joy's free hand once more slid across Serena's exposed midriff, leaving a little trail of Joy's drool as it went from her forefinger. At the top of her captive's panties, she slowly slid her fingers inside again. Joy reached down further than before, slowly moving closer and closer as Serena let out a squeal and tossed her head back again. Joy's fingertips had found the top of Serena's dripping wet entrance, and the younger girl was quivering once more, her chest heaving.

"Jackpot..." grinned Joy as her forefinger pressed gently against Serena's slick-wet lips. She ran her finger down the length of Serena's entrance a few times, each time pushing her finger the tiniest bit harder against it as she revelled in the helpless trainer's panting, gasps and quivering moans as she could feel Joy getting closer. Serena tried to push her hips up against Joy's fingers, but the devious nurse pulled away the slightest bit each time. There's that familiar groan again, thought Joy.

She was definitely saying please.