Chapter 3

"Well, since you asked so nicely…" teased Joy as she pressed finger ever so slightly harder against Serena's sex, slowly parting the gasping trainer's sensitive wet lips. Serena let out a quivering moan as she felt Joy's thin fingertip slip inside her, much to Joy's pleasure as her young captive's pert, round breasts heaved with every breath.

Joy's smooth fingertip pushed slowly deeper inside Serena, every tiny push forcing a begging squeal from behind Serena's gag, her mouth still stuffed with Joy's soaked panties. The young trainer's tongue pressed desperately against the wad filling her mouth, trying to extract the last of Joy's sweet fluid as her body was overtaken with pleasure, her mind racing as she felt every tiny feature of her captor's finger inside her, squeezed tight by the insides of her most private area.

Serena's heart pounded in her chest as Joy giggled behind her, deliberately slowing down as she felt Serena grow tighter and tighter the further her finger entered the beautiful blonde trainer. The fingers of Joy's free hand pinched Serena's left nipple lightly between her thumb and index finger as the tip of her forefinger began to rub back and forth across it, provoking a few more shivers of pleasure from her helpless toy.

Joy leaned in a little closer to Serena's head, taking a deep sniff of the blonde's gorgeous flowing locks as she listened closely to the younger girl's gasps and panting, her chest still bouncing with every hurried breath. Her left hand slid it's fingers across the helpless trainer's milky white breast once more, her palm over it's nipple as she gently squeezed. Joy began to make a slow, playful circular motion with her fingertip inside Serena, smiling to herself at the slightly higher pitched moan eking out past her captive's gag than before as she felt the cute trainer's hips buck slightly.

"It sounds like someone wants to squirt…" giggled Joy, her finger speeding up the slightest bit inside Serena as she spoke. Serena's body begged her captor with every breath and quiver, but the younger girl's mind hesitated for a moment. She tried to compose her thoughts when she felt Joy's finger push a little more again inside her sex, and she knew she had no choice. Serena threw her head back and squealed repeatedly into her gag, driven wild by the smooth, thin finger inside her that knew exactly what to do.

"Is that right, my gorgeous Sluterena? I think you should beg for it, don't you?" teased Joy, her voice reaching a whisper as she leaned in to the panting younger girl's ear. Joy's hand slid down Serena's pert breast a moment after she spoke, her fingers and palm squeezing as her thumb rubbed circles on the top of the blonde trainer's exposed nipple. Joy was sure this was all it would take, and she was right as Serena quivered, a familiar moan but now even higher than before squeaking out past her gag four or five times, the last being broken up by gasps and squeals of pleasure.

"Such a good girl. I hope you can handle it, you pretty little thing. Actually, no, I don't…" whispered Joy with a mischievous smile. Serena wasn't entirely sure what she meant by that, but it was no use - as if the cuffs and gag weren't enough, her own body wouldn't have wanted to leave now, even if it could. And neither did she.

Serena's blue eyes shot wide open with surprise as she felt a second fingertip press gently against her desperate sex, just below where the first had slid inside her. She tried to shake her head, but it was no use; they both knew she wanted it, and badly. Serena tried to brace herself, her breathing quickening once more as she felt the second finger press harder against her tight, dripping wet opening, right along side the first.

Joy held her finger inside her blonde toy still as she slowly pushed her middle finger inside Serena's slick wet hole alongside the other already driving Serena wild. The captive trainer gasped and held her breath as she felt Joy's second finger push gently and slowly inside her tight hole, her secret passage being stretched more and more with each smooth push inside her. She panted, her chest heaving quickly as she let out a high pitched moan, her hips twitching as her body begged for more. Serena had never felt this level of pleasure before, even with Shauna. They were both pretty inexperienced, after all - something Joy definitely wasn't.

"My goodness, just look at you!" beamed Joy, delighted at the sight of her blonde pleasure slave trying so hard to contain herself as the older nurse's fingers slid slowly inside her. After a few moments, Joy's second finger had penetrated Serena as deeply as the first, filling the desperate trainer more than ever. She smiled broadly as she leant in once more to the quivering younger girl's ear, letting her frantic gasps subside for a few moments by keeping her fingers still inside Serena's most secret place.

"You doing okay there, cutie?" giggled the devious nurse, pulling her hand away from Serena's soft chest and patting her gently on the head, brushing some stray golden hairs from her face. The captive blonde nodded weakly, trying to calm down by breathing slower and deeper as she closed her eyes, her skin tingling at Joy's touches. The older girl brushed her fingers gently through Serena's flowing golden hair as she watched with a smile her beautiful toy's perky round breasts rise and fall with each breath.

"Good girl. Let's take it to the next level, shall we?" As Joy spoke, her hand quickly left Serena's head, trailing down her cheek as she stroked the younger girl with the back of her hand. The blonde trainer opened her eyes to see Joy's palm in front of her face, and after a short squeak from the desperate captive it was pressed tightly over her gagged lips, forcing her head back a little into Joy's chest. More muffled than ever, Serena let out a surprised squeal - not at the older girl's soft palm pressing tightly over her helpless lips, but the sudden feeling of a third fingertip pressing gently next to where the other two had entered.

"Nmmhpm!" squealed Serena in desperation. She could barely contain herself as it was, but three? That was too much. She began breathing much quicker, her chest bouncing up and down even faster than before as Joy held her head still against her own ample chest. Serena could hear Joy giggle at her reaction to the extra digit about to push inside her, and the blonde realised that's why she'd hand gagged her so tightly on top of the panties between her lips and ring gag sealing them inside her mouth.

She was going to be loud.

"Three is the magic number after all, right?" purred Joy quietly as a gentle push forced her third fingertip inside Serena's wet, desperate hole. She could feel Serena's chest heave and her hips buck a little as it entered, and she wasted no time in slowly and smoothly sliding the rest of her third finger inside the whimpering, helpless trainer. Serena was moaning quietly almost constantly, and Joy knew this was more than the young beautiful trainer had experienced before. Joy was very careful not to make it painful at all for Serena, her thin, smooth and experienced fingers knowing just the right way to make the gorgeous blonde in front of her feel the most pleasure she could.

"GMMMPHMM!" Serena gasped loudly as she felt Joy's third finger push slowly inside her as deep as the others. The helpless blonde let out a high-pitched whimper as her heart pounded in her chest, her back arcing up slightly as she felt more inside her dripping wet sex than she ever had before. Joy's fingers paused inside her for a few moments as the younger girl panted into her gag and Joy's palm, her mouth still filled with the experienced nurse's own wet panties.

"Get ready beautiful, we're about to have some fun with this gorgeous body of yours…" The captive trainer didn't have to wait long to find out what Joy meant as the moment she finished talking, her three fingers began pulling out of Serena's tight entrance with one slow, smooth action at the nurse's wrist. Serena held her breath for a moment as she felt Joy's slender fingers rubbing gradually against her overstimulated sex as they withdrew, with only three fingertips still inside her when Serena began panting once again, slower than before as Joy's hand still clamped tightly over her gagged mouth, keeping her head still against Joy's own chest.

Joy smiled as she pulled Serena's face up a little using her palm. The exhausted blonde tilted her head up as much as she could, Joy's palm still over her mouth as their eyes met. Serena took in Joy's playful smile as the older nurse leaned forward, planting a lingering kiss on her captive toy's forehead with her wet, freshly licked lips. Serena closed her eyes as she felt Joy's lips press gently on to her soft, pale skin before opening them half way slowly a moment after Joy released the kiss. Serena mumbled something quietly through her layers of gags as Joy smiled down at her.

"It's time to wake you up a little, sleeping beauty." grinned Joy. She looked into Serena's bright blue eyes for a few seconds before pressing her palm hard against the exhausted younger girl's mouth, forcing the back of her head against Joy's chest once more. Serena squeaked quietly as her head was pulled into position, some of her flowing golden hair being pushed back down against Joy once more. The helpless blonde's body was still begging her for a release after what seemed like an eternity of teasing from Joy's expert fingers, her hips bucking gently every few moments and her tired legs quivering lightly after every move of Joy's fingers inside her.

"HMMNPFFH!" Serena's eyes shot open wide as her head tried to jerk itself up, still held tight against Joy's chest as the devious older girl's three fingers pushed smoothly inside her again, as deep as ever, but this time much faster than before. Before the bound trainer could think what was happening, Joy pulled her fingers out until only the tips remained inside her gorgeous toy's most secret area and pushed them quickly back in again as Serena's hips bucked and her legs spasmed at every push in and out of her. She could only let out a high pitched wail as Joy rhythmically forced her closer and closer to orgasm with every movement of her fingers.

"Mhm, you like that, don't you? Don't be afraid, let it all out, my pretty plaything…" purred Joy once more into Serena's ear as her fingers began to move slightly faster still inside the squealing blonde between her legs. Serena's breaths were short and quick, her chest bouncing harder than ever before as each moment of Joy forcing her closer and closer made her wailing squeals louder. After a couple of minutes, each time Joy slid her fingers back inside her golden-haired pleasure slave she felt the younger girl's hips buck more just as she reached a certain point, and could hear her hold her breath at the same time.

Bingo, thought Joy with a grin as she bit her own lower lip again gently, herself incredibly wet at the helpless blonde being finger-fucked in front of her. But that could wait for a little bit, thought Joy, as she pushed her fingers once more inside Serena and felt her hips buck hard again. Right there. She knew the younger girl was incredibly close, but where was the fun in just letting her have it right now, thought Joy with a grin. Her fingers began to move lightly inside Serena's sex, stroking and dancing gently around what she knew was her most sensitive area. At once it seemed to make Serena's whole body quiver, being kept so close but not yet allowed a release. Now instead of bucking each time Joy's fingers passed the spot, the desperate trainer's hips spasmed constantly and at the same time her wailing squeals reached a crescendo.

"PLMMPHM! PLLNNMMH!" Serena begged her captor as best she could through the panties filling her mouth, not to mention the ring gag and Joy's palm pressed tightly over it all. The devious nurse pulled Serena's head up once more to meet her eyes, except this time the younger girl looked quite different. Joy could feel her lips quivering under her palm as she held Serena's head still, looking down into her bright blue eyes. This time they looked a little different, thought Joy, as she made sure to keep the same rhythm with her fingers inside the young trainer.

"Hmm, what was that?" winked Joy as their eyes met once more. Serena's eyes looked almost glazed, a layer of tears across the surface of each beautiful blue eye staring back at Joy. She moved her fingers the tiniest bit faster inside the blonde's sex and looked down with a smile as Serena's eyes rolled up a little more than before. Joy knew more than ever she was in total control of the gorgeous young girl's body, and she intended to make good use of it. Her fingers began to trace a slightly different pattern inside Serena, bringing her a little closer than before and looked down into the young beauty's eyes once more. She knew she'd got the look that she wanted from the helpless, overstimulated trainer from the first moment she saw her.

"That's the perfect expression for you, my gorgeous little pussy toy. 'Fucked Silly' is definitely the look for you, don't you agree?" teased Joy. Serena mumbled incoherently into her gag before it was interrupted with another squeal, her body still spasming in pleasure as Joy held her right on the brink of orgasm. Joy leant down once more to plant a quick kiss on Serena's forehead, but from the look on her face she wondered whether the blonde had even noticed. It did have to compete with what was happening in her sex, after all, thought Joy with a smile.

"Time to finish you off for now, little one. Hold tight…" Joy pressed Serena's head back tightly against her chest once more as her fingers moved faster and faster, first in the motion they had been for the past few minutes then in and out as before, but this time much faster. Immediately Serena's hips began bucking wildly as her legs twitched, her head held still as her breathing reached fever pitch. Her perky, round chest bounced up and down with every thrust of Joy's fingers inside her, over and over until Serena arced her back as high as she could and gasped, holding her breath and clenching her eyes shut as she felt Joy push her moments away from release.

Joy smiled and moved her fingers even faster than before, adjusting the angle of her wrist a little as Serena arced her back. With one final push inside the blonde's tight sex, Serena let out a louder squeal than ever, followed by frantic panting as her hips bucked up as hard as they could, her head still held still against Joy's chest as the older nurse felt Serena's most sensitive area squeeze her fingers tightly. After a few moments, Serena slowed her breathing, her eyes still closed as she slowly lay back down, her back flattening as her body relaxed into gentle spasms.

Serena's chest rose and fell slower, her breaths deeper and longer as she slumped back against Joy, her eyes closed as quiet whimpers accompanied each breath. Joy slowly pulled her fingers from inside Serena's sex after counting the times she had felt it squeeze tightly as she forced the beautiful young trainer to orgasm after holding her close for so long. Serena squealed quietly for a moment as she felt Joy's fingers leave her hole, with Joy smiling as she brought her fingers up to her own mouth. She flicked her tongue against the tip of her middle finger before lapping slowly up all sides of the three fingers. A little sweeter than before, she thought with a smile.

"This is what a beauty like you should have every day, don't you agree?" whispered Joy quietly as her palm left Serena's gagged mouth. She heard only a quiet, muffled yawn in reply as she looked down, Serena's head slumped to it's side on Joy's ample chest. Serena's body was totally exhausted, her chest rising and falling slowly as her legs fell limp, one to each side of her, exposing her thoroughly pleasured pussy even more than before.

Joy's left hand gently brushed the beautiful golden hair from Serena's face as she felt the young trainer fall asleep, laying against Joy's chest. Such a gorgeous little thing, thought Joy, as she delicately brushed some strands of golden hair from the exhausted girl's forehead. After a few moments, Joy lifted Serena's upper body up gently as she slid to the left of the sleeping beauty before letting her down gently on to the soft white bedsheets. Joy knelt on the bed briefly before standing up at the side of it, looking down once more at the gorgeous girl she'd just captured, gagged, and pleasured until she won her over.

And the last part especially made Joy smile more than ever.

Serena woke up slowly the next morning, her eyes heavy as she lay still for a few moments. The bright light of the room seemed to penetrate her eyelids as she suddenly remembered everything - Joy, being captured, the panties, Joy's fingers… especially Joy's fingers. Serena sat up quickly, looking around the room left and right for any signs of the Nurse she'd spent such a memorable night with, albeit initially against her will. But only initially, she thought with a smile inside.

She stood up, naked in the bright light as she pulled her arms over her head to stretch. Where had everything gone, she wondered, especially Joy? Was it morning already? Mid-stretch a small pile of clothes on a chair across the room caught her eye, next to a small table with her bag and hat on top. Serena strode quickly across the room, her legs a little weaker than usual, she thought. Whether that was from losing some sleep or being forced to orgasm a little while ago, she wasn't quite sure.

She looked down at the pile of clothes - everything she had worn in to the Pokemon Center last night from her socks to her skirt, neatly folded in a squat little pile atop the chair, with her shoes placed next to it. Serena smiled as she reached into her bag to check the time. It was morning, and someone was sure to check the room soon. As she pulled her hand from her bag, she noticed a folded piece of paper underneath, with 'Serena' written across it.

"Oh!" smiled Serena, quickly lifting up a corner of her bag and unfolding the note.

'Dear Serena,

Thank you for a very memorable night. It's not often I get to see a girl as beautiful as you on the night shift, and much less often I get to do that to her! I've left you something to remember me by, and I hope we meet again soon under similar circumstances.


Emily (Joy)'

Serena smiled, her eyes closed as she clutched the note tight to her chest. She re-read it and smiled for a few moments before she realised she needed to go. The young trainer tucked the note neatly into a pocket inside her bag and got dressed, replaying every moment of the previous night in her head. As she finished putting on her shoes, she stood up and walked over to the table to pick up her bag, holding it tight over her left shoulder.

The young blonde tidied her flowing hair briefly before picking up her hat with both hands, slowly placing it down on top of her slightly messy hair. I'm sure no one will notice, thought, Serena, as something under where her hat had been caught her eye. It was a pair of Joy's panties, and although they had been freshly cleaned and dried, she was sure it was the pair that had spent so long last night drenched in Joy's juices and stuffed into her mouth.

Serena closed her eyes and smiled as she let out a quiet giggle. She neatly folded the panties and slipped them into the same pocket as the note inside her bag, closing the top tightly to keep them safe. She walked over to the door and turned the handle slowly, when a series of beeps from her bag alerted her. She quickly reached in, seeing Shauna's picture on the screen and pressing the answer button as she held the device to her ear with a smile.

"Hi Serena, where are you staying tonight? Wanna do something fun?" said Shauna with the same happy giggle she always had when talking to Serena.

"Oh, hi Shauna! Yeah, I know I really good Pokemon Center we can stay at… but just us, okay?" said Serena in a playful whisper.

I'm sure Emily won't mind a little more company, thought Serena.

After all, it would be a shame to let a night shift go to waste.